Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is This a Good Idea? I Think So?

Brady goes to two schools. He goes to one school five days a week for 2 hours and 20 minutes in the afternoon.  He goes to a Pre-K at another school twice a week in the morning.  If you ask him if he likes school he will tell you "I don't like going to two schools. I only want to go to one school."  Lately dropping him off at this Pre-K school has been like dropping off a two year old that doesn't want to leave his mom. Only he isn't two he is five.  He clings to me and cries. It has gotten worse every drop off since Easter. So today Freddy and I decided he doesn't have to go to two schools anymore. He only has to go to one school.  When I told him he was so happy I thought he was going to explode. So hopefully we made the right decision. 
My fear now is that Tiny is going to fight going since he and Brady get dropped off at the same time.  I have a feeling it is all going to work out fine, but man was I nervous about making that call about not sending him anymore.  Mostly because after I drop him off I know he does cheer up and join the class. But I know he is going to be so much happier.  Plus it will give us some one on one time twice a week. Which I know I won't get once he starts Kindergarten :(
Over the weekend we stopped by the farm.  My parents were putting in a new waterer for the alpacas and the grandkids put their handprints in the wet cement.
Even Harper the dog got his foot print in there.
My mom has been busy working on the fleeces in her basement. I got to take a look at Blue's.
Isn't it awesome! I love it. 

My mom has been getting some of the fleeces ready for spin-offs.  She takes a smaller sample of their entire fleece and she will send them into competitions and a person will judge the fleece from appearance and then spin it and it gets all different points for different qualities.
This is Lily's fleece. Doesn't it have a WOW factor.  Also in Lily news we didn't think she was pregnant, but now that she is sheared we keep seeing movement in her belly. Maybe she is pregnant. The vet is going to check her out.  Fingers crossed that she is (she was bred, but her blood work showed she wasn't pregnant).  If she is pregnant she will be due this Fall. 
If not she will be bred soon.
Here is Vauneese's fleece. I am thinking cardigan.
Vauneese is due to have her first baby in the Fall.
Reno's fleece is awesome. I love it.
Sweet little Jatoba's fleece is beautiful too.

 I love Maggie's gray fleece.
 I love gray!

Francesca's fleece is so soft I wish you could feel it!

 So there are a few samples. There are more to go, but I thought this was a good distraction from working and my decision from this morning about Brady.  I really hope the boys adjust to the new schedule without any major problems.  We'll see. It is only for another four weeks so I think we can make it.



Debbie said...

i just adore your love of fleece!! and great images of the alpaca's!!

it sure sounds like you did the right thing for brady. i do hope it won't interfere with the time you need to get your work done!!

Leanne Coppola said...

What a happy boy he will be. Since he'll be going to school non-stop, sounds like a good plan for the Brady Man.

thecrazysheeplady said...

So pretty! You can practically feel them through the screen.

karen said...

my son used to cry when going to school up until the first grade, and he wouldn't say why. He is 20 yo and now he hardly ever cries ;) Good luck! I hope your decision works out for you!