Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Birds!

I was at the farm this morning and saw a pair of blue birds!!! I was so excited. I was driving the golf cart and heading to the poop pile (alpaca poop that is) and a blue bird flew past me. I had the kids with me and I yelled out "look at the blue bird!"  It landed on the fence and we all admired it. I have never seen a blue bird before. I rushed to the pile and typically I have my camera with me since I always see lots of critters, but it was raining a little bit so I didn't want it to get wet. I raced back to the shed and grabbed my camera and headed back.  I really need to get a better lens for birding! 
My 200 mm just doesn't get the job done.
But here is the proof of my blue bird sighting. 

I read that they babies leave the nest after 16-22 days. I thought it was cool to find out that both parents feed the babies and often fledglings from a previous nest will also help out with feedings.  I love how the family all helps out.  I am off to get some blue bird houses pronto!  They will start another nest the day after the fledglings leave the nest. 

I also thought it was cool to find out that they don't really migrate and they like it if you put out mealworms.  Eww but totally worth it to keep these beauties around.

We'll do our best to set up some safe boxes for them and keep them clean so they can have lots of babies! Can you tell how excited I am over these birds! I am such a dork.
Also I have to add a Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. Thank you for putting up with all my alpaca, knitting, photography and working. I love you and I hope you have a great birthday.


Melissa Bliss Rich said...

So very cool! You are not a dork. I get excited over birds too. My oldest is a bird enthusiast and I have learned so much from him. Great pics!

And happy birthday to your hubbie :)

TexWisGirl said...

we're lucky to keep bluebirds all year round here because they can find enough insects thru the winter. they are sweet, sweet birds. :)

Debbie said...

happy birthday fast freddy, i think you got the catch of the century ;))

i bought mealworms once, 9 bucks for a tiny bag....i'm so cheap, i never bought them again!!

the pictures are good, 300 + would be better!!

Brian King said...

That's great you have nesting bluebirds! I don't see bluebirds around here. They have a lot of competition from House Sparrows for nesting sites.

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Andi said...

There is no shame in being a dork over those lovelies. :)
Happy Birthday to hubby!

thecrazysheeplady said...