Monday, April 8, 2013

Darn Hawks

Since hawks had decided to kill all my yard birds I decided I didn't like them anymore and I wasn't going to take their pictures.  But we have been hawk incident free for several months so when I saw this one at Allaire State Park today I decided I could take it's picture.  It stared me down and I tried to warn it that the branch it was sitting on was about to break and I would have laughed if it did.
While we were there was also took a train ride. The train wasn't going to leave for ten minutes. I wanted to get a cute picture of the boys sitting on the train while were were waiting. I told them to stay in their seats I was going to take a picture and then get right back on the train.  They totally panicked.  Clearly they thought I was leaving them forever.

I'm back on the train and the kids are happy again.

Tiny... ugg.

We've taken the train ride many times, but this was the first time we took it with a tour guide. He had a bunch of fun stories to share. Like how one of the trains they have there used to be owned by someone else and it had things stolen off it like the bell.  Shortly after the robbery the missing items from the train were posted on Ebay for sale specifying the exact train they were stolen it from.  As my father would say, "stupid, stupid, stupid."  The thief was apprehended and the missing parts were returned to the train.

Time to collect tickets.

Time to play in the Spring weather! Finally!!!

Allaire State Park is a great place for me to take people to do portraits.  I like to test out different lighting and backgrounds.  The boys are happy to help by making funny faces for me.  Clearly the lighting wasn't going to work, but the boys were so co-operative I couldn't resist posting their shots.

We also played "What did Purple Debbie Take Pictures Of".  I saw on Debbie's FB timeline she was at the same park earlier that day. So the kids pointed out lots of exciting things they though she took pictures of.


It was a beautiful day to get outside and play!  Well at least do farm chores in the morning, then get out to play.  I am loving this weather!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun shots :-)

TexWisGirl said...

i'm loving the 'purple debbie' game! how sweet! great shot of the red-tail, too!

Debbie said...

hehe, i just LOVE you!! your boys are at that age.....that awkward picture age. they won't stand still, they won't just smile...there tounge is out, their hands are moving and they gyrate all over the palce!!

i am so sad i missed you, i always enjoy your company and you are such soooo you make me feel young!!

Debbie said...

oohhhhh i think i saw your hawk flying. i did not get a picture. yours is amazing!!

Brian King said...

Love that hawk photo! I actually wish we did have some around. I hardly ever see hawks and never close enough for photos. The boys always make me laugh! They're goofy!

gtyyup said...

LOL...your boys are quite the hams!!! Fun, memorable times.