Sunday, April 7, 2013


It is Spring!!! It feels so good out. I love it, love it, love it.  My parents spent the weekend at an alpaca show and earned some MAJOR awards. It was a huge weekend for the farm and I can't wait to talk more about it. Like the new herdsire that I found! Oh it is so exciting, but I'll wait to get all the details right before sharing.  But lets just say it was a great weekend for the farm.
I decided to take off work this weekend and focus on getting the farms website updated.  I design the website and I find it hard to get around to working on it and it needs a ton of updating.  My excuse was that with my old computer system.  It was just too much of a pain, but now with my new computer I can get back to doing fun stuff like editing pictures and website design. Woo Hoo. So I needed some updated pictures of the herd for the website and the alpacas were happy to pose for me.  Even if they were all covered in hay.
I enjoy doing chores at the farm when I don't have to rush home to work. It means I get to take  more pictures :)  So here are some updated shots of the herd.  I really need to get some better pictures of them, but these will do for right now. I just love seeing the alpacas in their full fleeces.
Little Miss Aponi is getting so big.

Bing was investing my knitting I brought out in the field with me.  I love how sweet he is.

Awan's beautiful fleece, can we just take a minute to drool over it! I have a feeling on shearing day I am going to try to take the three bags of his fleece and pack it into my car when no one is looking. Yes it takes 3 huge bags for his huge fleece. Oh I see an Awan cardigan in my near future.

 Melody is the protector of the farm. She is always sure to alert the herd if there is something unusual going on. When I took this picture she was staring down the neighbors dogs.
Melody and daughter Aponi
 Tka (aka Kigo) is one of the farms herdsires.  I needed to get some better pictures of him. I have to give him credit for posing so nicely, but really Kigo you had to roll in the hay right before I took your pictures?

Miss Vauneese has the prettiest fleece. I just love her look. She is such a glamor girl.  I can't wait to see what her baby is going to look like.
 Of course I had to get a picture of Blue.  He turned 4 on March 26th.  Doesn't he look so grown up.  I love his spots!
 Well that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at the alpacas.  If you want to swing by the website that needs tons of updating you can go here- Arrow Acres Farm.
Just a reminder you can still vote for the National Alpaca Show Photo Contest.  I have five entries you can vote one vote per category once a day. 



TexWisGirl said...

a great set of photos, andee! glad your folks' farm did well!

Brian King said...

Awesome shots! They look like four-legged wookies! LOL! That's a lot of fur! I see my blog feed hasn't updated on your sidebar in at least two weeks. It hasn't updated on some other blogs, either. I can't figure out what the problem is.

Debbie said...

an awesome set of pictures andee. i really need to visit, this week won't work but maybe something next week. if chuck drops me off, do you think you could drive me hoe??

sorry i missed you at allaire yesterday, we had moved on to the shrimp box and my phone was on vibrate. sorry, i never saw the text!!

i just voted again!!

ALF said...

I voted! Although, I have to admit that I spent the first few seconds looking for photos by Andee Sherman and couldn't figure out why I couldn't find any...

Bethany said...

Oh I love your alpacas! They are darling and their fleeces look lovely.