Monday, July 25, 2016

High Falls Gorge

Last month when we were camping in Wilmington, NY we visited High Falls Gorge. Once again I wish I could include the sounds of the rushing waterfalls to go along with these pictures!
We had a great time exploring these falls. I really enjoyed the well marked path and all the information we learned during our quick time there.  We discovered while being in this area of NY that you can basically pull over just about anywhere marked with a "P" (parking sign) and wander onto the trails for some amazing views and some fun exploring. But like I said there is something very nice about guided paths and not having to worry about getting lost and knowing your way back to your truck!  Also you run into other people that offer to take a family picture :) 

The path even includes some glass bottom parts so you can stand over the water and look down!

If seemed like everything we saw in this area was MILLIONS of years old. The boys could visualize dinosaurs everywhere. They even pointed out where they thought the flying dinosaurs would have had their nests.

There was a quiz the kids took by reading the different information tablets around the gorge. At the end they handed in their quizzes and got a prize.  Nothing like learning things first hand.

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karen said...

I want to go there! lovely photos!!