Friday, July 15, 2016

Dinner with a View

Last month we took a camping trip up to Wilmington, New York. We had such an amazing time. I have so many pictures to share from our trip. We haven't been to Wilmington before and it is close to Lake Placid. After driving through a mountain with camper in tow we arrived at our campground. We asked the staff at the campground for a recommendation for a place to eat for dinner. They suggested R.F. McDougall's Pub which was just a few miles down the road.

Going back this was the second campground we stayed at in one trip. We visited the southern Adirondacks and then we headed up to the northern Adirondacks. The night before we got there our camper lost power. We had a problem with the electrical and though we questioned packing it up and heading home and canceling the second part of the trip....we had a wonderful repair man come to our site and got us all fix up.  So low and behold when we showed up here for dinner I can't even begin to express how happy we were that we didn't go home.

This was really a dinner with a view.

It felt like we were living in a postcard the entire time we were there. I wish I could add a sound effect in the background of this post so you can hear the rushing water from the waterfalls.

After dinner we took a walk and played on the rocks.

Climbing on rocks, taking adventures and appreciating what we have. We don't always know what is around the corner, but hopefully there are a lot more days like this in store for us. 

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