Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last Week in Pictures

The boys will be finishing up school this week and then we are officially on Summer Vacation! I am very happy to turn off my alarm clock and no longer have to rush around from bus stop to school and back again. I have signed the boys up for an art class this Summer, which hopefully will minimize the amount of messes they currently make with their projects in our house. Tiny and Brady had a sand block that they mined for gems. Or as they were convinced DIAMONDS! 

I am just about done with my additional versions of my Standing Stone's knitting pattern. The other night my shoulder was hurting so bad from knitting that I set it down and decided to go on the computer and catch up on some Blogs. My shoulder really needed the break. I keep track of my rows with my counter. It was about 10:45 pm and all of the sudden I heard "Click, Click, Click"! Brady had come out of his room and onto the couch and started playing with my counter! EEEK! No worries though thankfully I remembered what row I was on, but you should have seen how fast I jumped up to that noise! 

Brady's class had a play and he did awesome! He has never been one for standing in front of a group. He gets very shy and usually is like glue to me and won't participate, but this time he was loud and proud. He was all smiles during the play and in my opinion was the best cat ever!

I got myself a gift. I bought a bracelet from A Bit of Nature. I'll admit it was a Pinterest impulse buy. I saw it and new I had to buy it. I think it will be great to photograph with some of my upcoming patterns. I love it! I tried getting a picture with my boys to give as a gift to Freddy for father's day but they didn't want to participate so I took a picture of me wearing it instead :)

Freddy has been helping the boys learn to ride their bikes without training wheels. They are doing great! I am not sure if I am much of a help in that department, but I enjoy watching them learn and taking pictures of flowers in the mean time. Freddy took the peddles off one of the bikes and they are learning to ride down hills and keep their balance. They love it! Brady is peddling now without training wheels. I think one more round of practice and he will be very hard to keep up with. Tiny isn't far behind.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there especially to Freddy and my Dad and my father-in-law! I hope you all have a wonderful Day!


Debbie said...

i adore your family and your life andee, your week in pictures is perfect!!

enjoy every single second, you will blink your eyes and they will be making messes in someone else's house :))))


Debbie said...

and oh yes, there is always going to be plenty of room for yarn!!!