Monday, June 16, 2014

The Mason's


This past weekend we celebrate the marriage of our friends the Mason's. I was secretly hoping that since his last name was Mason that the wedding would be decorated with Mason jars. I was not disappointing!!! The Mason jars were glowing in the church isle, on the tables at the reception, even in the bathrooms and as wedding favors! All the details and extra touches the bride put into the decorations at the wedding were just perfect.

The weather couldn't have been better. Their reception was at a family friends private airport. There was plenty of room for a tent and parking so with the help of many of their friends they turned a field into a beautiful place for a wedding! I did my best not to elbow the professional photographers to the side so I could take some pictures of the bride and groom. I think Freddy got the brunt of my picture taking since he didn't have a choice :)

The food at the wedding was from Billy Bob's BBQ and I don't think "Best Damn BBQ" is the right slogan. It doesn't even come close to explaining how mouth watering delicious it was. I know I am going to be making a special trip back up to the Poughkeepsie area just for that BBQ! (Side note it is only 30 minutes from Rhinebeck. Note to anyone looking for good food heading to the NY Sheep & Wool Festival). Really it was awesome.

Thank you Garth and Krista for letting us celebrate your big day with us. We had a wonderful time and we wish you many years of health, happiness and love!


Debbie said...

i have no idea why they would hire anyone but you for their wedding pictures!!!

they are just gorgeous!!!

Krista Mason said...

Andee, it was so awesome that you and Sean were able to make it up for our special day!! Your shots are fantastic!! Perhaps someday soon you will be able to do some baby photos? ;) our honeymoon is a little ways off, but come September it's game on! XxxooO