Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yarn Along


Last night I released my Postcard Cardigan Pattern! I decided to release it as one size for now. I had tried it on quiet a few people with very different body types and it looked very flattering on everyone so I decided at this time to release it as is.  The bust is 38" and the bottom is 42" wide. The sleeves fit a 13" arm.  It is easy to modify the circumference of the sleeves by adding or removing 4 stitches. The entire cardigan can go down a size by choosing a lighter weight fingering yarn and smaller needles and it can be made larger by going up a yarn and needle size. I'd recommend removing one of the repeats of the chart if going up a size so it doesn't get to long. I'd be happy to offer any help to anyone wanting to make this cardigan and has questions about the fit.
I listed it as an advanced skill level because of the grafting of the shoulders. Otherwise it is a pretty straight forward seamless knit. It is worked back and forth, bottom up. The pattern is both charted and written out. If you are intimidated by the shoulder grafting I would recommend asking a friend or your LYS to see if they would be willing to help out with the grafting. Otherwise if you can knit lace you shouldn't have a problem with this pattern.
In the mean time I have a few project that have been lingering on my needles that I am determined to finish up before I start anything new.
I am making a Backshore Cardigan. The pattern is by Alica Plummer. I wanted a nice mindless knit and something I could wear around the house and with jeans. I really love how it is turning out. I am using Juniper Moon Farm Findley yarn for it. I am holding two strands together of each color.
Not on my needles yet, but will be on Friday! Is Romi's new Mystery Knit Along. The first clue comes out this Friday. I am so excited. It is the only new thing I'm allowing myself to make until I finish up my other WIPs.

My "To Infinity & Beyond Scarf" is back out of hibernation. I started this many moons ago, but now that it is getting closer to Spring I have brought it back out. I put it a side because I thought the colors were better for the Spring. I work on this waiting for the school bus, kids birthday parties, doctors offices and any other time I have to sit and wait. There isn't a pattern I am just knitting as I go.

I have been working a lot on my Spire the past two nights. I am on the lace portion and it is very hard to photograph progress on this huge WIP but trust me there is a lot of knitting going on in there. Oh and I am almost out of yarn. I need to spin up some more.

Do you like my banner at the top of this past and my new logo below???!!!
My sister Leanne designed them for me for my new Ravelry Group.  I started a group for support on my knitting patterns. It is a place for people to go to if they have questions and to show off their finished AndeeKF patterns. I started the group and right away someone went in a "Disagreed" with all my pages. Who does that? I didn't even have them all set up yet. To be honest they still aren't 100% set up. Oh well I guess there are some haters out there. But for all of you who have shown me so much support I have to give you a huge THANK YOU!
I didn't release this pattern to all the wonderful people who offered to test knit, but I will have more in the future so if you want to be a test knitter please leave your Raverly user name in the thread I started in my Raverly Group "Test Knitter".
Have a wonderful day!


Tracey said...

I love your new banner, you sisters are all so talented.

Congratulations on the pattern release, it is another masterpiece. I need to finish up a few things first, mainly a pushed into the corner blanket that is going to be a gift, and then I want to cast on your postcard cardigan, I think it would look amazing on my mama.

Erin said...

Don't worry too much about the phantom disagrees on Ravelry. No idea why someone takes the time, but they do unfortunately.

Your work is beautiful and I particularly love your striping projects.

Anonymous said...

Boo to the dislikes. Why people spend time doing such a negative thing is beyond me.

Lovely knits!!

CathieJ said...

You have many great knits in progress. I especially love the Backshore Cardigan.

Reinventing Mother said...

All such beautiful projects! What talent you have!

Anke said...

So many beautiful knits, but your postcard cardigan is unbelievably gorgeous!! Congratulations on releasing the pattern!

Debbie said...

your pieces are soooo beautiful andee!! good luck with the new venture, even though i know you don't need it!!

Donna said...

Such beautiful projects. Forget the haters. I really don't understand why people have to be like that. Makes no sense to me.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Your work is just amazing and your banner, beautiful.

A Little Blue Dragonfly said...

Congratulations on your new pattern! It really is beautiful! And I love the stripey sweater you are working on. It looks so cozy and comfortable. :)

fjord girl said...'s all so pretty, the banner is super nice. I wish you much success, you are just so talented, good for you -too bad for the haters :(

Yipppy skippy!

Sanja T said...

Congratulations on the pattern! I have noticed when using Rav on my touch screen phone that scrolling down always hits the "disagree" button by accident. I do always reverse this mistake. Maybe the "haters" are just "clumsy" because all of your work and patterns are beyond wonderful and noone can say otherwise.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You and Leanne are both sooo talented. I'm sure your "hater" is just an accident. Surely!

jody said...

congrats on the cardi release and the new rav group! there are haters everywhere - don't let them get you down for even a second.