Saturday, March 22, 2014

Almost Time


My sisters and I only know how to make boys. My older sister has three boys, I have two and my younger sister is working on her second.  She is due any day now!
Last night we went over to the farm to celebrate my mom's birthday. We couldn't resist getting a picture of all the boys together. Those silly boys.
My youngest nephew is going to be a big brother real soon!


Lori ann said...

well you sure make cute boys! congratulations, and welcome to the world little baby... almost!

Debbie said...

awww they are sooooo cute!!

one more = your own baseball team!!

Ian H said...

Now that is a MAJOR baby bump!

Brian King said...

Great looking group of youngin's!

karen said...

boys are wonderful as well as girls! I have one of each and both have been a joy to have. Good luck to your sister!

fjord girl said...

Too cute- love boys, boys are the best.
Congratulations to your sister- beautiful family you have.