Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Miss Fancy Pants

There was some excitement at the farm over the weekend. We welcomed the newest member of our herd! Meet Lamborghini Engine.

She was born this past September and my parents drove out to Ohio this weekend to pick her up. She is the cutest and sweetest thing. But her name.... well. We obviously didn't name her.  Finally a girl around her we have to have a girly name for her.

My father was calling her "Fancy Car" on the way home. My mom calling her "Lamby, Lamb Chops"...

I got "Miss Fancy Pants" stuck in my head. Or how about Ela? That is my sister and my initials together. Or how about Penny, or Buttons, or Ela Bella.

I am not sure what we are going to end up calling her, but we have high hopes for her. She has a very impressive fleece. I wanted to catch her and take a picture, but I'll do that another day.
In other excitement my favorite alpaca Lily is back at the farm.

I don't have many good pictures of Lily because she is just to friendly and always gets too close to the camera for a good picture. I love her. 

She thinks my Carhart Overalls are just fantastic.
Oh look there she is! With No Name to the left, Jatoba to the right and Aponi in the back.

Lily was at her co-owners farm where she was bred. She is confirmed pregnant and I can't wait to see what color baby she has. 

My mom the Bean Queen getting a kiss from Jatoba. Everyone is very happy at the farm!

I think someone likes eating snow.
I think it would be funny to call the new baby Lamby. Then we'd have a lamb and a pony in one field. We clearly have our livestock mixed up.  Hee hee. Aponi below means butterfly.
Do you have any good nicknames for Lamborghini Engine? I'd love to hear them.
ps- Thank you to everyone who voted for my pictures in the National Show. The online voting has ended. We'll see in a few weeks if my pictures made it into the final judging. Thanks Again!!!


thecrazysheeplady said...

So pretty! I vote for Lammie to be funny and it ties in with her "real" name :-D.

Leanne Coppola said...

I want Vada from My Girl. She's our only girl and the same age as all those boys.

Brian King said...

LOL! They make me laugh! They're so fuzzy! Congrats on the new addition!

Deanna said...

Oh what a sweetheart and yes, you definitely need a new name. Love that pic of your Mom and Jatoba...such a sweet photo.

Sanja T said...

They are such cuties! I want one in my house. I think Bella Ela is very fitting for such a cute girl.

Tracey said...

Such beautiful animals and I think it's so funny someone likes to eat snow.
I can't think of a nickname right off the top of my head, will have to think it over.

karen said...

she is so pretty and cute and fluffy and so lucky to be born to a fabulous farm :)

fjord girl said...

Oh my...I could just sit and stare all day at your beautiful animals- just your images of then. There curiosity and innocence so beautiful.

Okay how about: Lamahini?