Friday, March 7, 2014

A Knitting Pep Talk

I finished my second Postcard Cardigan with Anzula Squishy yarn. I am hoping to do a photo shoot tomorrow. I have just the place in mind and I have enlisted the help of my wonderful husband to take the pictures of me wearing it (well both of them separately). Hopefully it will all work out and I'll share finished pictures tomorrow. Then I have to review the pattern 600 times and try to muster up the courage to publish it.  I am going to be releasing it in one size. To start.... then possibly I'll add more sizes in the future.
I had a little pep talk with myself. I tried to decide what path I should take with my knitting and designing. I really love designing and it is all I think about. I decided I will finish up a few projects I already have on my needles and then I'll focus on my next patterns to publish. I told myself that I won't join any more KALs or do any custom orders.

That lasted for about one hour. Then I saw Romi is having another MKAL. I did her Mystery Knit Along last year and I loved the group and I really love her patterns. I loved getting one clue a week for five weeks. I really looked forward to my new clues each Friday morning. So without hesitation I bought the pattern and rushed up to Chelsea Yarns and bought this fantastic Manos Fino in colorways Ivory Letter Opener and Antique Lace. I wore the two skeins around my neck in the store to make sure I could live with the two colors and of course I love them. So do my little birds :)
Plus I love the story behind the Manos del Uruguay story:
~Manos Del Uruguay Yarns
100% Hand Dyed Yarns  
With each purchased skein of Manos del Uruguay yarn you will be helping a woman to support her family. Each skein is signed, so you will know who made your yarn, and from which village it came.
You will be supporting the hand-crafted rather than mass-produced, and contributing to an economy where the workers control of the means of production. You, as a handknitter, crocheter or weaver, will be contributing to women’s careers in harmony with family life, and contributing to the landscape, and cultural heritage of Uruguay.~
I can't wait to get it started!


Creative Design said...

Lovely post today! The little birds in the photo are so sweet and those "cakes".....!

I just read an article in this mornings paper about an Alpaca farm in Michigan that neglected their animals. An elderly couple that could not manage to sell them. Many died from starvation. Many were rescued, thank goodness. I'm sure if that couple would have put the word out about their situation, dozens of yarn lovers would have helped. Such a shame.


Andi said...

I am so glad that you are following your talent and continuing with your designs.
Also, a little fun KAL on the side never hurt anyone. The yarns you chose are so beautiful!

jody said...

great colors! i can't wait to see how the shawl comes together!

btw - what kind of ball winder to you have? i've never seen balls wound up that way. it's so cool!

karen said...

there is nothing like being excited about a knitting project! I love that feeling-can't wait to see your photos of the current excitement.

Debbie said...

Such a cute picture, I adore your enthusiasm!!