Monday, February 24, 2014

The Voting Has Begun

I have entered three of my photographs into the 2014 AOA National Conference Photo Competition.  The voting is open to the public and you can vote online. You can vote for one picture per category once a day.
Here are my entries.
Adult- Alpaca's Interacting
Adult- Black & White
Adult- Cria

The People's Choice Winner will get their picture on the cover of Alpacas Magazine!
So feel free to go over and vote. Of course you don't have to vote for my pictures.
But if you do Thank You in advance!!!
The three pictures are under my name Andee Fagan and farm name Arrow Acres Farm.
Thanks again.
ps- The 2014 National Conference is March 14-16th. I am not sure when the voting for the photographs online ends, but I think it should be open for a few weeks.
NOTE: You have to click the pictures you would like to vote for then go to the BOTTOM of the page to submit your votes.


Creative Design said...

The two of you and the matching "hats" is precious! I'm voting for the black & white. Stunning.

Tracey said...

Beautiful photos!
I hope you win so I am off to vote.

Sanja T said...

Your photos are great, I voted for all of them. The best photo of all, by far, is the alpaca apparel with the alpaca. It would make the perfect cover.

Debbie said...

all of these should be published. i will visit and vote!!

Debbie said...


fjord girl said...

Love the first one.

Beautiful all!

Debbie said...

tried to vote today, no green check, couldn't vote!!