Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jersey Shore Saturday Morning

This morning Rudee got me up extra early. I didn't mind because I thought it would be nice to get a few cups of coffee and some knitting done before the kids woke up.  Rudee and I cuddled on the couch and watched Animal Planet's Dog 101. We tried to determine what kind of dog she is. But in my opinion I think she is a combo of every kind of breed and she got all of their best qualities.
After two cups of coffee and some knitting I woke up Brady, Tiny was already up, and we headed to the farm for some early morning chores.  I've been enjoying the colors of Fall so much at the farm. I couldn't resist taking some pictures this morning.


There was a mist coming off of everything this morning. It makes everything so pretty even an old gutter.

I love the view off the back deck. Unfortunately the alpacas didn't want to be out in the field for this nice photo opp.

The birds were happy to see me this morning.

After everyone was fed I packed the boys back up in the car and we headed to the beach. (the beach is a whooping 3.5 miles from the farm).

What is better than a Saturday morning in your PJs at the beach?

Maybe Saturday morning knitting? or... 

Saturday morning donuts and coffee.

Sorry Rudee no coffee and donuts for you.
But don't feel too bad for her I saw her snag some of the boys Halloween treats this morning.

I hope you had a beautiful Saturday morning wherever you are.


TexWisGirl said...

a sweet morning, for sure. love the shadowy fence shots in these. :)

Deanna said...

What a great bunch of images...and you captured my heart with that wagon, fence & autumn tree pic!!

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

hi Andee, hi Tiny, hi Jersey Shore, hi Rudee :)))

happy Saturday!

Nancy Claeys said...

Absolutely amazing captures of your perfect Saturday Jersey Shore morning!

Brian King said...

What gorgeous photos! The morning light is wonderful! The mist is a great bonus! I can't say that I've ever been to the beach in my pj's!

Adrienne said...

Absolutely stunning set of photos. The seventh shot of that full tree bathed in light and fave!

karen said...

lovely morning photos and 3.5 miles to the beach? you lucky lucky duck!

Ida said...

Wow what fabulous autumnal shots. Loving those ones with the buggy in them. - I can't believe that you also live that close to the beach. Lucky You!
Your dog looks so cute and so does that sweet little boy in his pj's.

Our photos said...

Beautiful are your photos!
Greetings, RW & SK