Thursday, October 31, 2013

Laurita Winery Harvest Fest 2013

On October 19th we went to Laurita Winery's Harvest Festival. I was looking forward to this event all year! I went last year with Brady and Tiny. We loved it so much we couldn't wait to go again. This year Freddy was able to come with us and I was actually able to drink some wine!
At the festival there are tons of vendors. The boys had to get a homemade caramel apple.

New this year was a barn with lots of items for sale. If are looking for some antique farm items this is the place to go.

 We saw our alpaca friends from My Poppy's Alpacas.

We saw Rex the pumpkin eating dinosaur. Brady wasn't too sure about getting to close to it. Tiny was clinging to my leg.

 This year they had wine to purchase and taste out at the playground! That was a great addition from last year.

Freddy and I sampled 6 different wines.

You can buy bottles of wine, taste wine, get a glass of wine or even a glass of Sangria.

One of the vendors had this sign. We thought it was very funny.

Of course we rolled down the big hill! 

See the grass on Freddy's arm. He rolled too :) 

We sipped some wine as we waited for our turn to take a tractor tour of the vineyard.

The winery supplies all it's own water and is 100% solar energy powered. This is the place to be in all the power goes out!  They have endless drinks and the lights stay on. 

This bat house is home to 1,000 bats.  The bats help keep the number of bugs down. I didn't see any bugs. Those bats work hard.

This is one of the prettiest places in the Fall. There are so many beautiful colors.

I think my parents need a pavilion like this at their farm.

Because of all the rain we got this year it wasn't a good year for the grapes. They like it to be dry.

Tiny didn't want his picture taken.

This is one of my favorite places and I can't wait to go back next year.
If you live in the area check out their website for events. They have lots of them. This weekend is Food Trucks & Fire Pits.  I think we might have to go back. Trucks and BBQ!!!


TexWisGirl said...

the wines looked good - laurita is a babe! :)

i like t-rex the pumpkin eater!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That place is GORGEOUS!!! I would LOVE to have a bunch of bats. We have a couple and must be not a mating pair :-/.