Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2nd: Smile

I think if I actually go read my sister's post about the 31 Day Photo Challenge it probably says something like one picture per prompt, but well lets just say I'm an over achiever.
Day 2: Smile
On Sunday April 28th a new little cria was born on the farm.  In other words last Sunday a new baby alpaca was born at my parents farm.  The birth was text book and the cria was a beautiful fawn. I love fawn! Okay back to the story. So the little cria was born healthy and strong.  He was born on a beautiful day and we were so excited. You can see my post about it here.
So later that day he was having problems standing up.  He couldn't get the walking thing down.  Not being able to stand or walk, also meant not being able to nurse.  Oh dear so the little guy kept getting weaker and weaker. Vets, experienced alpaca owners, and anyone else that had input on the situation were called. It was determined that he had contracted tendons.  This happens from how they grow inside their mothers. It is not a hereditary condition. It is just something that happens from how they were hanging out in their moms.  In most cases some splints, vitamins and good care get them fixed up and good as new.  But a huge scary nightmare at first for the owners of course.
Thank you friends for all the reassuring words!
The little guy went without a name at first. There was a lot of deliberation over what he should be called and in the end he is officially, Serious Swagger.  I'm going to let Swag tell you his story from here.
"Today I am 4 days old.  And I made it all the way to this side of the field by MYSELF."

"The doc gave me these fancy wraps on my legs so I can stand up and get milk from my mom.  At first my mom wouldn't let my human family hold me to get milk from her. She didn't think that was a good idea and I couldn't stand to do it myself.  So I got a few bottles to help give me some energy.  The doc said I have to lay in the sun and stretch my legs out."

"Sometimes my mom checks on me to make sure I'm still breathing. She's the best mom in the whole wide world."

"Oh good she moved now I got my sun back."

"Hey look doc's back."

"I like my human mom she gave me bottles and makes my legs feel better. I wonder where we are going now?"


"Hey I see the docs office in the driveway.  My doc is the coolest because he has a truck for an office. And trucks are cool."

"I love my human mommy."

"Hey look my legs are back."

"Okay time to try out my legs. Good thing Aunt Lizzie is here to help. Look at me go... right and then left. Woo Hoo"

"I'm so glad I have a fan club for my first steps.  Now it's time to head back to momma."

So that is Swag. He is getting stronger everyday.  The vet thinks it will be another two weeks before he won't need the splints. He has them back on tonight, but hopefully he will fully recover and be a great addition to the herd. 
And just for fun.  Since my parents have the coolest vet.... seriously he is very cool. He works with tigers, sharks and every other cool animal that you can think of. He is a busy man and sometime people have to come to see him.  So today there was a lady with a cat.  She has other cool animals like a horse and sheep, but she has some feral cats on her property that she traps and Dr. B castrates.  Then she releases them back out on the the property.  So after the alpaca check up he was getting ready to neuter a cat.

He had a pole he puts the tranquilizer on, but if the cat was too wild he has to use a blow dart.

Clearly we are very easily entertained. "Look kids the doc is going to give the cat a shot and then operate on it."  Just another morning on the farm.

Dr. B didn't have to use the blow dart... kinda disappointing for pictures, but the cat will now go back to live a happy live on the farm without making more feral cats.
Here are my travel companions for Maryland.
My sister Leanne and nephew Chase.

My sister Liz and her son Wade.

How many kids am I bringing? NONE! How quickly am I going to loose them at the entrance to the Sheep & Wool Festival.... so fast! Hee hee only kidding kind of.  I know what I'm shopping for so I'll be on the hunt for yarn, but last year I missed the sheep.  So I'm hoping to spend some time with my nephews with the sheep.  I'll have to bring my camera for that.
I hope at least this post made you smile.  I couldn't pick one picture.
Will you join us on the 31 Day Photo Challenge? It's fun!


Brian King said...

Awwww, what a cute little guy!

TexWisGirl said...

glad little swag is getting stronger! hope he heals perfectly. your little travel companions look like fun, too. :)

Debbie said...

oh andee, a great story with a happy ending but this must be hard for human mom!!

swag looks awesome, you guys picked the perfect name!!

plus i loved the pictures of your sisters and the cute little ones!!

Andi said...

What a wonderful post. I couldn't stop looking at the fantastic images. Obviously I am easily amused too because your vet is way cool. Would love to follow him for a day.