Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2013

Oh what fun weekend! My two sisters and two youngest nephews headed down to the Maryland Sheep &Wool Festival this weekend.  I went childless! They were left in the safe hands of their father. Thank you so much Freddy!
I'd also like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.
Back to the festival. We drove down Friday night.  We all packed into my sister's mini van.  I got to sit in the back seat.  But to get into the back seat I had to climb through the back of the car.  So about fifty times I hurled myself over all our bags and to my seat.  My sisters giggled so hard every time I had to do it. They thought it was just too funny.
I got to knit, watch Finding Nemo and Elmo's World over and over again.

When we got to our hotel we got a text from my mom that she got a new dog! We knew she was going to meet him, but we weren't sure if she was going to get to keep him. There were several other people interested in rescuing the dog. But my parents are now the proud owners of a wonderful chocolate lab.  We are so excited for them.

The kids loved the hotel. 

We wanted to have dinner at a pub and when we saw the Pub Dog we knew we had to go.  What a way to celebrate my parents new dog!

We made a great choice on the Pub. It was so much fun. The menu had beer and pizza. All the beers and pizza were named after dogs.

You get two beers at a time here. Which is just fantastic.

It was the best pizza ever!  I liked the buffalo style one we got best. I can't remember the name.  The Old Yeller was pretty good too.

I bought two yarn along bags from Lori.  One for me and one for my sister Leanne.  I gave Leanne hers for her birthday. We had them with us the whole trip.

Responsible parenting.

Look there is even a dog at the Pub Dog!

Then we went back to our hotel room and put the kids to bed and watched Goonies.  Yes we are dorks, but happy dorks!

Then we got up bright and early and headed to the festival Saturday morning.

At the festival there are vendors every where you look. Building after building filled with yarn, roving, buttons, shawl pins, pictures, anything you can imagine!

LOOK who I ran into at the festival Willy G & Jeff! I did the Leaves of Grass knit-a-long with them.  I recognized their hats and Willy G had his Ravelry button on with his name so I had to introduce myself.  They are so much fun! I had such a good time talking to them.  They convinced me to join the KAL that is going on now. I really had fun talking about yarn, patterns, spinning, other bloggers and anything else we chatted about. They really are so funny in person. It is so fun to meet fellow bloggers / knitters in person!


 Gyros on the hill. A festival must.

Chase inspecting his mom's yarn.

Bye festival. See you again next year.

I barely fit in car on the way home.

I loved toting around my Yarn Along bag. It was so fun to meet people that saw it and said "Is that Ginny Sheller's yarn along?"  I told them my first name and they knew me!  I felt famous. Hee hee.  Have I mentioned I am such a dork.

So after a long car ride home I have a house full of new yarn and still tons of pictures to get through.  I'll post more sheep pictures tomorrow, but now I'm going to go sort out my yarn, roving and new books!


TexWisGirl said...

looks like everyone had a good time!

the dog pub sounds like fun. :)

MarmePurl said...

I couldn't make MSWF this year. Boo.
Great to see your pictures and so much fun.

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

awesome, awesome post!! I feel like I was there and like I need to be there one of these years!

hi, Jeff ~ hi, Will :)))

hi, Leanne ~ hi, Chase :)))

see you over at the knitalong, Andee ~ glad you jumped on board again...I'm still going to be the caboose on this one so don't feel like you need to catch up, 'cause you don't!!

Lori ann said...

i just came from leannes! SO SO AWESOME! yes, i need to go too, it all is just so exciting.

you are making me want to join melissas yal too, well, i've wanted to, just so overcommitted here!

Debbie said...

great post, awesome pictures andee, i could feel your joy....

and your sisters seem fun, fun, fun. what a great couple of days!!

Eileen said...

wonderful pictures ! looks like you had leanne had a great time! omg that car looked packed , all with good things

karen said...

I believe you are famous! lovely family outing filled with YARN sounds like an ideal weekend :) PS Happy anniversary!

Deanna said...

Dear Dork, you are my kinda dork...what a fun, fun time you had. Great pictures, great memories. PS Do you still want me to print you some "apple" cards?? I am trying to figure out which apple picture you like. Email me...!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!