Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1000 Yards of Everything

In just a few days my sisters and I will be in fiber heaven at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  It is my favorite weekend of the year.  A girls weekend filled with fiber, food and fiber lovers galore. My younger sister can knit, but if I say Liz knits she will quickly correct me and say "no I crochet".  She also spins yarn. So we will be on the search for yarn, roving, buttons, shawl pins, pattern books, and oh more yarn.
Oh of course we'll be checking out the sheep!  I am sure we'll find some alpacas and cashmere goats too. 
So I have been searching endlessly for patterns on Ravelry and my pattern books at home. Oh what yarn to buy? What to make? Oh the possibilities are endless.  People ask us why we get so excited about the festival. It might have something to do with being in one place with thousands of other fiber junkies all oohing and aahhing over yarn. We fit in perfect.  But also it is a great chance to buy yarn and roving from small farms and small yarn studios.  A lot of it you can't find in the stores and it is so fun to get some one of a kind fiber and it is wonderful to help support these farms too.
In the past I have brought my patterns and bought yarn for each of them.  This year I am thinking I am just going to buy 1000 yards of everything. Just so I have enough.  Who needs money for food or paying bills.  This girl wants to knit.
I finished up knitting my Juneberry Shawl with yarn from my parents alpaca Spicy. I really wanted to get a picture of her by it, but she didn't want to do that. Her son Reno was very interest though.
Mom is that you?
I also made myself an Ease Sweater with Spud & Chloe yarn.  It is such a comfortable sweater.  I really love it and I do need to block it to fix some bumps by the neckline, but I just keep wearing it.  I'll block it eventually, but for now I am enjoying it just how it is.

 I need some advice.  I casted on a Coyote Trail by the designer Romi. I am using Madelintosh Light yarn. I bought the yarn for another project and I decided not to do that project. So I am using them for my Coyote Trail. BUT I don't think they go together. So now do I frog it? It is a lot of work still to do and I am just not loving the colors together. In the store the lighter color looked creamier, but now at home I think it is too gray. Opinions please!

I feel like if I leave off the lace edging it will make a really cool shawl / scarf for a guy.  But I need direction.

So since I wasn't sure if I should keep working my on Coyote Trail I casted on a Terra Shawl. It is one of my favorite go to knits. It is perfect for a quick gift and I wanted something easy to work on for the drive down to Maryland.

I am using handpainted Cascade sock yarn.

As for my Maryland Shopping List I do have a few items that I am planning on knitting.  The rest of my purchases will be impulse buys.

I am planning on getting yarn from Tess Designer Yarns for a Clarity Cardigan.  I love Tess's yarn and I LOVE the 50% clearance table behind her booth.  It is great yarn at a great price.  I am planning on getting some alpaca for the cardigan.  If you stop by her booth pick up a skein of Kitten. It is the softest yarn!

I am also planning on making a Walk on the Moon. I love IgnorantBliss' color choices.  I am going to find some fun yarn for it.

I will be sure to stop by Miss Babs booth. Her yarn is my favorite!  If you go to the festival you have to go to Miss Bab's booth.

Hope to see you at the festival.

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karen said...

I like the colors in the coyote trail that you've paired. But if you aren't liking them now you probably won't like them later. So don't look at it for 24 hours then make a decision! (that's what I do). Lovely shawl and that sweater-beautiful! Have fun spurring the economy at Md sheep and wool :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Lovely knits! Enjoy the shopping. :)

Natalie Buehler said...

Your shawl is stunning! As is the jersey, queued that one :)
Marigolds' Loft

Vimsen said...

I love your knit! not only the knit, but everything on your pictures! I totally love what I can see of your furniture! -And that little birdhouse - amazing!

Lori ann said...

omg andee i am so excited for you (and not one bit envious, even if i've never been to a wool festival!)

you and leanne and liz are going to have the most incredible time, and i can hardly wait to hear all about it, see what you bring back. i think 1000 yards of everything is brilliant.

your juneberry is stunning, i think one of my favorites you've made, i love it so much (love reno checking it out). love your ease too and the coyote as is, but if you don't, unravel, you'll feel better. i need to go check all your links now.

Lori ann said...

i love terra, how did i not know about this shawl?

Mother4 said...

Lovely knitting! I have the Juneberry pattern but didn't realize it is that large a shawl? Did you knit with the required weight?

DeniseinVA said...

Love them!

Eileen said...

wow you lucky girl going to a fiber show ! Your juneberry and ease sweater are wonderful ! You are one heck of a knitter !
I just bought some Miss Babs when I was in Chicago and I love love her yarn ! can not get it out here :(
Have fun at the show !

Charis's Mum said...

I am now putting the ease sweater in my Ravelry favorites. The brown is lovely.