Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playing with Alpacas

Today it was warm enough out that I could bring the boys with me to do chores at the farm.  Typically they are at school when I am at the farm.  This winter has been long and the boys alpacas missed the boys.  They were all happy to get to play together today.
Sweet Lilly was the first to say hi.

Reno wanted to say hi too.

Hold on Reno we'll be over to your field next.

When the alpacas are just a few days old the boys start racing with them around the field.  They stand at the top of the hill and off they go.  The crias are only about 20 pounds and can't cause the boys much damage. So we can just stand back and enjoy them playing.  Brady thought it would be fun to run around with Lilly she weighs about 140 pounds.  So to the top of the hill they went and before I knew it I saw the two of them racing. I yelled out "STOP!"  They both froze in their tracks and stared at me with the expression, what's wrong we were just playing.  I had to laugh and I told Brady Lilly was too big to race with.  She might knock him down. With that she came over and gave him a kiss on the head.  She is so sweet.

Okay Reno we are in your field now.

Squany and Wea prefer watching the boys instead of joining in their games.

But not Reno he wants to play.

Brady I think he wants a kiss.

Did he kiss you?

Now that's an alpaca kiss.

So that's our rough life on the farm.
Ravelry notes- Alpaca Hat
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TexWisGirl said...

really cute furry beasts. glad the boys got some time with them. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh SO cute!!!

Amy said...

So adorable. I love reading about your alpacas.

Lori ann said...

SO cute, love the hat too andee!

Deanna said...

Oh I just love seeing your kids having fun with their alpaca pals...great photos!!

Debbie said...

they are looking so good, the alpacas that is.....lots of pretty fur for shearing!!

brady is so photogenic, where's tiny??

Andi said...

Love everything in this post!