Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love at First Sight

Okay so I am in love again. Her name is Francesca.
This was my first true look at Francesca and it was love at first sight.  I know the picture is blurry, but can you see it too?  She just got to the farm and we had never met before.  My parents bought her at an auction in Las Vegas. I was texting my father during the auction offering my money to buy her, but they didn't get her.  But threw fate she became ours! My parents that is.  Since it was my first time meeting her I didn't want to stress her out with my camera and I put it away and offered up my hand and we quickly became friends.  I am so glad she is part of the farm. Her fleece is amazing! She is amazing!  She is from Northern California and I hope she enjoys her new life her on the Jersey Shore.

Today was a busy day at the farm.

We got a lot of snow.  Oh and it was my little sister's birthday!  And what do we do at the farm to celebrate my little sister's birthday?.... we have a birthing clinic.

We invite a super dooper smart vet to give a seminar to all the alpaca owners in the area.

Dr. Cheryl DeWitt, DVM came to the farm, no flew into the farm, despite the Blizzard to give a clinic on alpaca Neonatal care.  There was no stopping her. Or stopping the 30+ participants of the clinic from driving through the snow to get to the farm. (Dr. Cheryl is the one in the middle in the red).

Dr. Cheryl gave a wonderful lecture. My mom and little sister have been to two of her clinics and they were so thrilled to be able to have the clinic at Arrow Acres Farm so all the alpaca owners in our area would be able to get the education they needed to birth their own alpacas.  For me I really enjoyed the begining of the lecture because Dr. Cheryl talked about how to get the female alpacas pregnant and then how to know if they are pregnant.  There are so many factors that go into it and I really enjoyed getting to know so much more about the alpaca anatomy.  Because you know some day I'll have my own herd.

 Don't worry Blue you will always be my favorite (and to tell you the truth I'm pretty sure you are my mom's favorite too.)

Back to the clinic... there was a wet lab.  So we moved down into my parent's basement where they had three crias (baby alpacas) that died at birth for one reason or another.  Then with Dr. Cheryl's simulators each person took a turn correcting the incorrect birthing position.

This is so not for me.  My mom and little sister have both helped birth alpacas that needed help.  I think they live for this type of thing. I live for looking the other way.  Okay if in a situation when NO one else was around I would definitely do what was needed.  But my sister and mom just have the calling for these types of situations. The fact that I didn't faint on the floor was like an A+++ in my book.  I mean by watching and not even participating.

So while my little sister was in all her glory correcting alpaca birthing positions in the simulator.
(she is on the left in the purple shirt.)

I was upstairs playing with my sweet little nephew.

I do have more graphic pictures of the clinic, but I'll save those for people who really what to see them. I don't want to loose any followers.  But in all honesty it was the most amazing experience. I gained a ton of confidence in breeding alpacas.  Dr. Cheryl has an amazing way of passing on her knowledge to everyone she meets to have the confidence to breed, birth and care for their alpacas.  In the alpaca world it isn't the same as having a dog that you can just take to the vet.  Some vets for alpacas live far away so you have to be able to handle these situations by yourself, so when someone like Dr. Cheryl comes in and gives you that confidence and experience it is worth every penny and every second and even driving through a blizzard to meet her.  Thank you Dr. Chery!

We thank you and the herd thanks you!

ps- to my follower's would you like me to start up a rural link up? Since rural Thursday's doesn't exist anymore? I miss is so much. I can do a Farm Friday. That could work with Friday Fences what do you think? I miss the Rural Thursday's so much and I wonder if there is any interest out there for a new one?  Blue thinks it is a great idea by the way. Okay so he thinks that will just get him more hay.  But please I'd love to know your thoughts.


TexWisGirl said...

madge bloom started up a rurality bloghop this week. it was on thursday this week but is moving to wednesdays starting next week.

glad you were able to hold the clinic, even with the blizzard.

Debbie said...

ooohhhh andee they look so pretty in the snow, you got some great pictures!

Deanna said...

What a nice post...there is so much information out there in this big world that I know absolutely nothing about. Thanks for sharing your alpaca world with us. Sorry, but I think Madge beat you to the rural link-up. But if you want to start a new one...go for it!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great clinic opp! Your new fur sister is beautiful!