Friday, November 9, 2012


I am the type of person that always tries to find the best in everything.  I like to believe the good stuff over the bad stuff.  We still don't have power, but we had a great day.  My car has not been working. So no power inside and no power outside. My father came over this morning and put a new battery in my car and the boys and I were able to venture out into the world.  It feels so good to have a car that turns on! Thank you so much Dad.

So as we were driving around the sites are just devastating.  As we drove around we saw home after home with massive piles of garbage in front of their homes.

Boat ramps and boats are scattered about. 

Boardwalks just mangled.

It was so upsetting to see all the damage, but it was so rewarding to see my boys having so much fun at the beach.  We had such a good time. We found lots of sea glass and tons of shells.  They played on the dunes and chicken at the water edge.

It was a wonderful reminder of why we love living here. Why we pay so much more for a home that would cost much less anywhere else.  Why we work so much harder to be able to stay here and why we will stay here.

The kids have been out of school for two weeks. The buses are being used to block intersections since some of the lights are still not working.

We came home so excited from our time at the beach.  We looked through our treasures that hurricane Sandy left for us to find.  I went on facebook and read a post from a friend of mine.  He and his brother were at their parents on Wednesday night after the hurricane.  They were there because their parents had a generator and food.  There were other friends and family there too.  They heard a knock at the door during dinner. It was their neighbor's daughter screaming that there was something wrong with their father.  My friends rushed to the house and did CPR, while other people waved down an ambulance. 

These are friends of mine that I probably did CPR training with for ten years as lifeguards.  When the man left for the hospital the paremedics didn't think he had a chance.  But as of today he is doing well and coming home from the hospital any day fully recovered.  Had it not been for hurricane Sandy my friends wouldn't have been at their parents and he wouldn't have had such a quick response.  With all the terrible things that have come from hurricane Sandy it is good to treasure the good stuff too.

However I could really do without the rotting smell from my empty fridge and freezer. I'm just staying. That smell is just aweful.


TexWisGirl said...

you shared a lot of joy in your boys' faces. and the synchronicity of your friends being there for that man is wonderful. then you throw in the rotten food smell just to make sure we get a good dose of the every day. :) bless you!

Leanne said...

Ok...Shea's sweater is very cute. heehee. That kid cracks me up. WE're going to head down with the metal detector this morning. LOVE the sea glass! Hope we find a few pieces too. Come along if you want. I'll call you.

Debbie said...

keepin' it real, while sharing your joy!!

the images of the boys at the beach are just amazing. they will remember this time in their lives forever....and they will always remember how strong their mom was. and that she actually made it fun!!

no comment about all the sea glass, yep, no comment! ;))))

Deanna said...

I loved seeing your boys having fun on the beach, collecting shells & sea glass. I am sure it brought great joy to you all. What a wonderful story of happiness that did result from the storm. Take care and stay safe!!

Debbie said...

where did you go andee, to wipe out all the sea glass??

chuck said he will take me for a walk tomorrow. i don't want to go where you went!!

Brian King said...

Great photos of the boys! I'm sure they were so happy to get out! No doubt it will take quite some time for clean up and things to be somewhat normal again. Hope you get power soon and I'm glad you guys are okay!