Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy Needs Mommy Time

At bedtime I tell the boys they have to go to sleep. They always beg to stay up, but I tell them "Mommy needs mommy time." They always fight going to bed, but after they are asleep I usually venture downstairs, turn on the TV and knit.  Since hurricane Sandy hit I have not had any mommy time.  This is our 10th day without power.  Our spirits are getting low.  This is the scene in our front yard.

Our power line remains untouched and not connected to our house.

Tiny is loving being off of school for two weeks and wearing his pjs all day and night.
I have enough clean clothes to change them, but with no sign of getting power back anytime soon I am trying to minimize the laundry that will have to be done.

Today we are bracing ourselves for a Nor'easter.  Freddy has split more wood and we have the wood burning stove fired up. 

The hurricane was terrifying. There were 90+ mph winds that didn't stop. At first it was gusts and then it just didn't stop. It was like being in a wind tunnel for hours. It was so scary and now the gusts are back and scaring the crap out of me.  All the trees that didn't fall during the hurricane are due to fall during this storm.

This large cherry tree broke at the base and is leaning up next the the tree next to it.  I'm hoping it doesn't fall towards the house, pavers or pool. Sigh.

I have been playing referee with the boys.  The amount of fighting from the boys is non-stop.  Boys will be boys. We are living out of one room of our house since we only have heat from the fireplace in one room.   Otherwise the house is freezing! The temperatures have been in the 30s at night.

I have given up on trying to keep the freezer running. We have a mini fridge and a freezer and I have been switching keeping them powered up one at a time from the generator, but I am just too lazy and exhausted.  It takes a lot of work to get the food that is in the freezer cooked since we don't have any working appliances (besides the grill).  Now with the Nor'easter we can't be outside to cook, so I have just given up and let everything defrost.

So the other day I thought I'd cheer myself up and go for a ride around town.  I got in my car and the battery was dead.  Luckily Freddy was able to come home to jump it for me.  I have to get a new battery. I am sure if I tried to go somewhere now it would be dead. 

All of the traffic lights were out and it is very difficult to get anywhere.  Also seeing everything destroyed was just heartbreaking.

I wanted to get a picture showing all the trucks bringing in supplies from all over the country and the lines of people lined up to get supplies.  But it was hard to pull over and get pictures.  Everyones support has been amazing!  I passed trucks from Florida unloading cleaning supplies, food, water, clothing and lines of people waiting to go through them.  I wanted to let everyone know that what they are sending is being used!

Here are utility crews from Alabama working on the power lines.  I can't imaging what we would do without all the support from people around the country. Okay I have to stop tearing up. There's no crying in power outages.

The streets to the beaches are closed off.  Also there are national guard trucks posted everywhere.  They are helping out so much.  Keeping things organized around here. A lot of people are worried about their homes being broken into and well I don't want to think about that.

You would think after 10 days of no power I would have a lot of knitting done. But I don't.  Since I have had to spend more time breaking up the kids fights I haven't been able to relax and knit.  Since they are sleeping in the same bed at night it is like WWF and has really cut into my knitting time.

I did finish knitting Brady's sweater before we lost our power.

He has been living in it all week. I love the yarn I used for it and he loves wearing it.

Ravelry notes here- Hooded Pull Over

I don't expect the power to come on for a while so please send happy thoughts our way.

ps- my fish I've had for over 10 years died last night. I know I shouldn't cry over a fish, but it made me sad.

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TexWisGirl said...

i'm so sorry, andee. i know this is hard for you - i can only imagine all that time without electrical service, and then the cold storm coming in, too.

i'd mourn for a fish, too. :) i hope you'll be restored soon...

simona said...

i hope your life will be back to normal soon. good thing you got that gorgeous sweater done in time! i think you used the same yarn (and the same two colors) as i did for a scarf for my hubby!
sorry about the fish, it's all a little much on your nerves right now, isn't it?!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh Andee... :-(. You've got plenty worth crying about. There's easily crying in long power outages and ALWAYS crying in losing a finned friend. {{{hug}}}

thecrazysheeplady said...

The sweater rocks though :-).

Lori ann said...

oh andee. i'm crying now too. my kids told me today it's snowing in the city. good grief. can i send you anything? let me think.

Debbie said...

i would def cry over a fish. at this point, if i were you, i'd be crying about everything ;))))

the sweater rocks!!

ALF said...

You are an amazing woman. That's all I can say. And I'm so sorry about your fish.