Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maternity Shoot Red Neck Style

So I have been doing portrait photography for a long time.  But most of it was done with film. I am slowly catching up to the times with digital.  But in my experience I have found the people I have done maternity shoots for are the most grateful.  So I've learned to push the subject on anyone I know that is pregnant. I offer to take maternity shots and hesitantly they accept my offer and years later they are always coming back to me to thank me.  I guess it is because all of my maternity shots are of me in sweats, but still I am grateful I took pictures every 4 weeks. 

I had some friends that were photographers that offered to take pictures of me when I was pregnant and I declined all the offers. But now I know better and if people tell me no I take their pictures anyway and tell them they can do whatever to the pictures, but I tell them to trust me in two years down the road they will be grateful.  Trust me they are always grateful.  So all you pregnant people out there. Take pictures!

There is a story to be told of the life growing inside of you.

So for all of you that think maternity shoots have to be serious... they don't!  Have fun with it.  Because kids are so much fun.

My little sister is having a baby and what could be more fun than a very funny maternity shoot with all of his little cousins?  Not much. Make sure your volume is on.

I have to give a huge thank you to Sarah for helping me out putting this video together.
I have Photoshop Elements and it didn't support the tutorials she went out of her way to send me, but non-the-less I got it put together.

and to prove we do have a serious side you can see my other pictures of my sister's maternity shoot by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Aww. yay!! Love it. So cute.

TexWisGirl said...

that is really cute, andee! love those little boys! what fun!

ALF said...

This is amazing. I love it.

Ashley Sisk said...

That is adorable. I love it.

Leanne said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!