Saturday, September 1, 2012

Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You?

On Thursday my mother sent me an email about there being a blue moon on Friday August 31st.
I jumped on the internet to check the moon rise time, but I could only find Thursday's moon rise at 6:30 ish.

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(isn't his hair rocking in that video) okay back to the post

I was cleaning up dinner tonight and I thought about the blue moon and mid clean up I jumped on the computer to find out the moon rise time.  It said 7:13 pm. I looked at the clock it was 7:05 pm.  Freddy had taken the boys out into the yard to play and I stepped out on the deck and told him I was going to head to the beach to try to get a picture of the moon.

We only live a few miles from the beach, but during the summer it takes longer to get there. I was stuck driving behind someone that certainly didn't know I was in a rush to see the moon rise. He just kept letting people merge into our lane. Ugg.

I finally got to the beach and sat and waited. It seemed too hazy for a moon rise :(
But then the moon appeared.

I always thought of a blue moon as a weird phenomenon when crazy things happen.

In the picture above there were not crazy ghosts, but instead sea gulls flying by when I had a long exposure. So they became blurred.  Also the waves didn't turn into a fur, again another long exposure.

Many people walked past the water as I was taking pictures, but none of them appear in the pictures.
Very strange.

In case you were wondering I am now an expert in blue moons. Hee hee hee.
Okay since I had a camera on a tripod lots of people stopped to ask me questions about the moon. They were very disappointed that it wasn't blue.  I told them a blue moon refers to the second full moon in one month.  I also told several people that I have a pet named Blue Moon and I would not have another chance to take a picture of a blue moon until 2015 when the next blue moon is scheduled to occur.

I didn't tell them I have an alpaca named Blue Moon because that opens another can of worms and really I just wanted to take some pictures of the moon :)

I did a little photo shop on this pic to make it a real blue moon.

I hope you had a safe night and enjoyed the blue moon.


Brian King said...

I'm glad you finally got there to take the photos! They're beautiful! I love the soft effect on the waves from the long exposure. I've done long exposures on vehicles at night and only the light trails show up, not the cars themselves. It's the same with people. You would think they would mess up the shot, but they don't.

TexWisGirl said...

i like the seagull 'jellyfish' and the wave fur effects. very cool!

Ida said...

Well you got some great shots and some awesome effects. Those two with the gulls and the "fur" effect are amazing.

I tried but with a Point and Shoot you don't get very good results of moon shots.

Stevie said...

The blue moon was a quiet event here, too. We noticed it as we were still out driving around that night but all was peaceful when we got home to the farm. Was wondering if my pregnant doe would take advantage of the moon to kid early but, apparently, she was not impressed with it :)

Vanessa said...

You got some great shots - I especially like the one of the very large moon coming up over the water . . that is what I was hoping for here but didn't get :( Still, we had a fun night at the pier taking some shots too!

Sisterlisa said...

Always enjoy a full moon. I could gaze at it for hours.