Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Heros & Rock Stars

Today was a sad day for Sanda that alpaca (well more for us than for him). He has a skin issue and the only way to treat him was to shear his beautiful fleece.  His fleece was going to be sheared anyway in May, but this was just a little sooner than expected. After the vet looked him over he thought it would be best to shear him and start treatment.  Typically a professional shearing team takes on the task (for actual shearing day they have professional come to the farm), but today only my mom, Dr. B and his assistant were on hand so they were designated shearers.  They knew going into it that it wasn't going to be an excellent job, but Sanda's health came first.  So off with his coat.  Of course Sanda didn't mind having all that fleece sheared off. But he does look funny (but they always do after being sheared). So I made this funny letter to the vet.

Another exciting thing happened on the farm today as well.  We got our first copies of the Jersey Shore Magazine and my parents have a full featured article on their farm, Arrow Acres Farm!  It is all about us and the alpacas, so if you see a copy and turn to the first article you can read all about us.  It is the article before the one about Jon Bon Jovi (well it is more about the Soul Kitchen a restaurant he and his wife have opened).  But still he is a rock star and our article is before his so I must say I feel like a rock star :)

And just for fun I walked around the farm and took some pictures.  I just watched the movie "The Big Year". It is about people who try to find the most birds in a year.  So I guess I kind of had a thing about taking pictures of birds today.

My parents reading the article in Jersey Shore Magazine for the first time.

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