Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tiny Terror is 3!

Today Tiny turned 3!  He was very excited about his birthday. He asked for a monster truck.  We got him a monster truck, but we also got new batteries for the John Deere Gators from my parents farm.  The gators have been at the farm, but they haven't moved unless being pushed with man power.  Thanks to Freddy he purchased two brand new batteries so now the gators are up and running.  Brady has amazing driving skills we are very impressed. Tiny however needs some practice.

As seen in the picture above Brady is holding onto the grip in the passenger seat while Tiny is steering.  In the photo below Brady had gotten out of his seat to let Tiny take a turn. Still holding onto the grip Tiny pressed down the pedal and he was off.  Notice the steering wheel unmanned. Thank goodness Freddy is fast.

We had a small party at my parents farm. Tiny requested a party at the coop and blueberries.  We invited our first cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and a handful of them were able to attend.  Tiny also requested a Monster Truck cake. So this is what I made.
 My mother made this delicious pizza cookie.  It is a cookie crust, cream cheese and fruit. It is my favorite desert. She even made the number three out of the blackberries.
It was very sunny today. I think Tiny got 30 new freckles on his face. Looking at him now I think he even got a slight sunburn. 

We got a pinata and the kids had a great time trying to get it open.  It fell off the string several times, so we had to change tactics in how to get it open. So Freddy pitched it to my older nephews like a baseball and they got the job done.


We took a walk around the farm. Shea and Kailee discovered some mole hills.  They also discovered it was fun to walk on them and look for holes. 

 Tiny was afraid to go too close to the woods. So his cousin found him a stick so he could scare off any monsters.

 Tiny found these sticks worked well to protect him in the woods.

After trying out the tractors it was time to wrap up the day.

Yesterday when I asked Tiny what was different about being 3 than being 2 he told me-
"I drive my own car."
"Time outs are 3 minutes, not 2 minutes."
"I have a party in the coop."

Happy Birthday Tiny we love you very much.


Deanna said...

Looks like Tiny had a grand birthday. Maybe Tiny and I share a birthday, mine is on the 10th!!

Lori ann said...

oh so sweet! happy 3rd birthday tiny, love those freckles. and happy birth day to you too mama.

is that a robin i see in the grass?

xx lori

Melanie said...

This just looks like the very best birthday a kiddo could ask for! The cake is SO cute, & you captured the day perfectly!

Btw, lol... I have a wonderful 3 year old tiny terror too!

ALF said...

That looks like the most fun birthday party ever!