Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I finished my Aidez sweater vest.  I did make the sleeves for this, but because of the mild winter we are having I decided to leave the sleeves off. I have enjoyed wearing it as a vest.  I knitted it with 100% natural undyed baby alpaca yarn.  It is a nice weight yarn for this project.  It isn't too hot it is just warm enough and extremely soft.
Ravelry link- Andee's Aidez Vest
I will probably attach the sleeves next Fall when it gets cooler out.
I purchased the yarn from my parents farm Arrow Acres Farm.

I also made this Scarf of Many Uses.
I made this as a gift for my cousin who is expecting her first child in May. She is having a girl and I wanted to make her a baby sling / Hooter Hider.  But I also wanted it to be able to used as a blanket, swaddle, shawl, cowl or infinity scarf.  I think this should fit perfectly over a baby in a car seat as a little blanket.  I used a Super Fine Merino yarn that is machine washable.

I didn't follow a pattern to make this. I knitted rows in stockinette, then purled a row, then knitted some rows, then did some eyelets.  I changed things up as the colors changed in the yarn.  I purchased the yarn from The Mannings in PA.

For Reading I just read an article Jersey Shore Magazine did on my parents alpaca farm, Arrow Acres Farm, in their Spring 2012 issue.  The full article is available to read online. Starting on page 8, you can click the picture below to go to the link.

Also fun and noteworthy a man came to the farm last week and did a video about the alpaca farm.  My mother and sister Liz are in the video as well as the alpacas.

Click here or on the picture to watch the video.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all so cute!

Deanna said...

Oh I love your sweater vest, really nice work. And I will definitely check out the article about the alpacas. They are such sweet faced animals!!

EMMA said...

Your scarf and vest are amazing! I just love the wooden 'clip'.

come on in x said...

That vest is so beautiful, I'm off to bookmark the page and add it to this years knitting list (mighty long already!). Where did you grt your wooden fasteners?

Rachel Proffitt said...

Your family's alpacas are so cute. But then, I love them ;) AND their fibre!
Your sweater vest is really pretty! And the 'hooter hider' (lol) will be a lovely (and useful) thing for nursing baby :)

Jen said...

Love that vest and I'll bet it will be an amazing looking sweater.

That pattern that you came up with is ingenious!

Lori ann said...

omg andee your aidez vest, instead of a sweater is brilliant. it is absolutly gorgeous. just stunning. if i could make one and have it turn out half as well as yours. i think i have to try though, and maybe when i'm ready i can order the same yarn from the farm? it's just so gorgeous, your knitting is exquisite.

and you make me wish i had a baby and that we were best friends. i've never had anything knit for me since i was a very young child. your friend is very lucky and i know she'll be so happy with it.. i love the baby carrier, comfort wrap. the shawl pin is perfect too, i'm always on the search for new pins.

congratulations on the magazine article and video, that is exciting news!
xx lori

Swanski said...

I love both of your knitting projects! I would never have thought to not do sleeves!! The lace knitting is so beautiful, light and airy!!

Cheryl said...

Without the sleeves, the vest takes on an interesting shape. Eye catching. The scarf colour is gorgeous and I love the pin.

Debbie said...

gorgeous knitting projects and i loved the video of your mom, those guys are just soooo sweet!!

and they eat carrots. the alpaca at the other farm i visit won't eat carrots!!

MarmePurl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleevless sweater! (I have one of those in the works at the moment too). Will def. add that pattern to my to-do list. Beautiful work.

k said...

loving the aidez as a vest. i knit the full cardigan last year, but think just as a vest will be the perfect layer for the chilly mornings we are having when a sweater is too much. thanks for the inspiration!