Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Texture Tuesday

textured with today's freebie... Faved

I am linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  I used her free texture Faved. I love the detail it added to this picture I shot of an Amish Farm in Lancaster, PA last January.  There was a layer of early morning fog rolling over the farm. It is was such joy to photograph and I love it even more now with this texture.

I also added texture to a picture I took over the weekend of an alpaca weather vane at my parents farm.

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Debbie said...

WoW andee, i LOVE these images!!

there is a "setting" for your blog so that when you leave me a comment your email is visable and i can email you back/answer your questions, but i don't know how to guide you :((( some people don't allow it because you get alot of email replies and it clogs up your inbox!!

i have not been to the farm, i need to go. todays pictures are from 2/4/12, the day i went to your farm and missed you!! i did not see any babies that day. are they always out or just sometimes??

i was in perkins recently, i think over the weekend. i forgot my camera in the car :(((

i am all better now, thanks for keeping in touch. i have enjoyed your sweet comments!!