Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baltimore Part 4- I Want to be a Dolphin Trainer

I always dreamed about being a dolphin trainer at Sea World.  I was pretty confident for about ten years of my life that I would actually be a dolphin trainer.  My friend Anna actually adopted a dolphin for me for my Birthday. Thanks Anna that was one of the best presents ever. But what finally broke my confidence was actually filling out the college enrollment forms.  I knew I couldn't base my future on dreams and I had to narrow down my future to actual goals I could attain.  So I picked my major. Computer Science. Boo Hoo.  So this week when we went to the National Aquarium at Baltimore and saw the dolphin show I was quickly reminded why I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.  I feel like I would have a smile on my face just as big as this girl.  Clearly she wasn't posing for a picture.  She was just having fun swimming with her dolphin just about to splash all those poor people in the first four rows.
 She got to float with her dolphins.
She got to dance with her dolphins.
 She got to sing with her dolphins.
 She got to play with her dolphins.
 I absolutely love dolphins.  I have enjoyed swimming with dolphins when I used to lifeguard, but I must admit it is kind of terrifying swimming with them in the ocean.  After seeing the show I quickly remembered why I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Tiny loved standing by the dolphin tank and watching them swim.  Brady isn't in any pictures because he was very upset.  He was upset because he wanted to put on the special swim suit (wet suit) and swim with the dolphins and give them special fish treats.  That's my boy.  My future dolphin trainer. Maybe the dream is still alive.

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ALF said...

Maybe I will have to adopt a dolphin for Brady!