Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baltimore Part 5- Maryland Science Center

We visited the Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbor.
The boys loved it. While we were there we got to watch LIVE footage of two astronauts working on the Russian Space Station.  As they floated around in space at times the Earth would come into focus.  It was so cool. You can see one astronaunt to the right and one's arm in the front of the picture.

Brady adjusted the wind by spinning this wheel. He could move the sand by changing the direction of the wheel.

The dinosaurs were really cool.
Occasionally sounds would go off like dinosaurs roaring. They kids would get scared. But then they would laugh.

We learned how to dig for dinosaur bones.

 Freddy was brave enough to lay on a bed of nails.  Brady controlled the nails.
 I can't believe Brady tried it!  He is much braver than me.

And that about wraps up our trip to the Inner Harbor. We did go to the planetarium and various places for great meals.  We had such a fantastic trip. I'd recommend it for anyone that wants to get away for the day.  Everything is in walking distance and the prices for the exhibits aren't bad (under 3 is free).  It is such a fun place and I'm so glad we went.

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