Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baltimore Inner Harbor- Part 3 The Aquarium

While staying at the Baltimore Inner Harbor we visited the National Aquarium. 

 This was a HUGE Grouper

 Hopefully my saltwater fishtank will look like this someday.  Tiny was very impressed.
 I loved this exhibit. There were tons of turtles.

 Tiny showing off his turtle face.

 At the top of the aquarium is the Rain Forest. There are a tons of birds, sloths, monkeys and spiders.  We spotted lots of birds, but we couldn't find any sloths.  The monkeys weren't out yet and I had no interest in finding the spiders.
 The Rain Forest is like the ultimate tree fort.

 Then after you reach the Rain Forest you descend down at least 5 levels to get back down to the first floor. You are surrounded by fish the entire time.  This is my happy place.

I used spot metering for this shot
 When we got back to the first level we were greeted by scuba divers!  They were hand feeding all the creatures (sting rays, fish and turtles).

 We ended our trip to the aquarium with a 4D show.  We saw Dora and Diego travel through the forest rescuing the animals homes. It was amazing!!! There was wind, smell, sound, water, 3D and the chairs even felt like you were in an airplane.  We all loved it. Even if Tiny's glasses were a little too big.  The best part was Tiny is still 2 so he was free!

Oh one more post the Dolphins!!!

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