Sunday, January 15, 2012

Infinity Scarf

When I was at The Mannings I pick up this skein of yarn. It is Indulgence 6 Ply- Distrato. I loved the colors. It reminded me of a hat I made about 12 years ago. It was one of my favorite hats and I think I still have it in a bin somewhere.

I love how this infinity scarf came out. It can be worn looped once or twice.  I made it for my niece. I think she will love it.

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I am joining along with Ginny from Small Thinks Yarn Along


Debbie said...

gorgeous andee, it looks so warm and soft. the color is pretty, purple would be perfect!!

Leanne said...

It came out sooo great. Ok, so you've converted me. Maybe I'll try varigated yarn.

Lori ann said...

it's beautiful andee, what a sweet gift. love the cowl!

pinkundine said...

Beautiful. I love the colours of the yarn, so serene and pretty :)

Heather said...

Beautiful! I love the pattern! It looks so warm and soft :-)

elflyn said...

Oh that is lovely! The colours are glorious.
I think infinity scarves are fabulous... I made one for my son's teacher and it was a huge hit!

angelina said...

gorgeous colourway.
i wish i could see it round a neck....i'm doing several knit
tests upcoming for cowls and i've been thinking of them lots lately.
it seems many ravelers dont like a long cowl, and they reduce the sizes.
interesting, ive never worn one.

Andee said...

The tricky things about cowls and infinity scarves are making them just the right size. If they are too big some people feel like they are sufficating. But large cowls and infinity scarves are fantastic for people that need to keep warm. For example people who work in the city that need to keep bundled up. I have have found the bigger the better. I'll try to get of picture of someone wearing it, or on the torso I have have in our showroom.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!