Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bristle Worm

I have been working hard at getting my 90 gallon salt water fish tank back up and running.  It has been running, but it has not been very impressive.  The boys and I have been taking weekly trips to the fishy store to get water.  I have been doing water changes once a week and now the tank is looking great.  My salinity is fantastic and I just installed two new power heads.  The fish couldn't be happier.  I have noticed that most of my bristle worms have been dying. Apparently the bristle worms enjoyed the high salt levels and now that I have things regulated they are not so happy.  I have been vacuuming them out of the tank. These little buggers sting and I really hate them. 

The boys picked out two new fish yesterday. I went downstairs this morning to check on our new friends and I saw this HUGE bristle worm in the rocks.  I circled the picture above to show the average size of the bristle worms. They are usually about half an inch.  But this was the grand-daddy of bristle worms.  I couldn't imagine the sting I'd get from this sucker if I touched him on a rock! He is no longer in my tank. I have him the royal flush.


Andee said...

My victory of Bristle Worm destruction was short lived. I just looked at the tank and there was another one of these suckers. An even bigger one. Yikes.

Lori ann said...