Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Live on the Farm

This afternoon we went to Atlantic Farms to visit the animals. We saw sheep, goats, cows, chickens, donkeys, deer, pigs, ponies, emus, turkey and a bunch of other creatures.  Brady recently had a field trip to Atlantic Farms and while he was there he told me about the tractor man that had a kitty cat.  Brady loves cats and he searched endlessly for the tractor man and the kitty cat. He was almost in tears that he couldn't find the cat. I felt very bad and I tried to tell him that maybe the cat went back to the cat's house.  He was happy to see the pigs, but he is still very sad about the cat.

 The donkeys are on the list of animals that bite.
 Told you.
 Brady and Tiny love the goats. I took about thirty pictures of them with this goat. I think the goat was enjoying them just as much as the boys were enjoying him.

 We have about five bags of fleeces from these sheep. I am hoping to get the fleeces cleaned up this winter and turn them into yarn so I can knit some fun things.  I would also love to try doing some dying with natural dyes like Ginny does.

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Debbie said...

it was a gorgeous day. you've given me some great ideas for tomorrow. it's suppose to be just as nice!!