Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday is here again and we took a trip to the Manasquan Reservoir in part of my wear the kids out so we can watch football.  While we were there we talked about how the colors of the leaves on the trees are changing. We saw snakes, turtles and fish. We even went on a boat ride around the reservoir.  It was such a beautiful day to take a ride in a boat.

I got a note home from Brady's school that he was been communicating if full sentences. Way to go Brady. He has been talking wonderfully at home, but he is still quiet at school. So I was very glad to hear that.


Debbie said...

i go here, all. the. time!!! we were going to go today for the boat ride at 1 p.m. and went to allaire instead!!

you might find this interesting:

Andee said...

Debbie we were on the 1:oo boat ride. That is too funny. I had Tiny on my lap and I held onto Brady and was clicking away with my camera. I'm glad a few of the pictures turned out. Someday we'll run into eachother.

Debbie said...

i did not realize you were from this area!! i would have reconigized your boys on that boat. if you view the first link i sent you, it is my story about visiting "your" alpaca's and meeting john and audrey, they were so very kind to me. i was also in attendance when they brought a "mate" for iris. does bella belong to iris??

your photo's were wonderful!!

Andee said...

Yes Debbie I am from the area. The other day while I was at John's farm taking pictures of Bella he showed me your blog. That is how I discovered you. I am from Arrow Acres Farm which is just around the corner from John's farm.