Monday, October 17, 2011

Future Farm Hands

I am training Brady and Tiny Terror to be farm hands.  They love helping out with the alpacas.  If the weather is right we go to Headquarters to help Mommom clean the pens. This morning we cleaned the pens, dumped the poop, and walked / jogged around the farm. Brady insisted on running next to the golf cart today.


Debbie said...

i have visited serveral alpaca farms in the last few months and find them to be spectacular animals. you can search my blog for postings on those visits.

you have a wonderful place here and your boys are cutie pies. i have 2 sons that are less then one year apart. scott is 29 now and mike 28. i have joyful memories of their youth!!

Debbie said...

just curious what "tiny terror's" real name is?? my tiny terror's name was mike!!!

Andee said...

Tiny Terror is actually Shea. But if you meet him you will see that glimmer in his eye. Shea is on the cover of Alpacas magazine walking one of my parents alpacas. I'll have to post the cover shot on my Blog. I am just getting it up and running. I have so much to share. Thanks for following my site.