Monday, October 17, 2011

The Rest of Our Day

After we worked on making our circles out of red and blue paper we made castles out of blocks.

The boys sat on the pumpkins they picked yesterday. The orange pumpkins made great seats for waiting for the bus.  Brady had a nutritious lunch of Nacho Doritos.  The trick to get them to leave Headquarters is to bride them with a small bag of chips and a juice box. It works every time. 

Things that go. Scooters and Tiny's Car.
 Tiny Terror liked touching the branch. We talked about the color green and that it was prickly.
Brady was off playing a quick football game with his cousins.


Tiny found a dirty rock in the garden and told me we needed to wash it.

These are the bricks at Headquarters. We saw imprints of leaves, paw prints and a real dead caterpillar.  We didn't touch that, but we did touch all the other markings.

I enjoy the hydrangeas so much more this time of year. During the summer they have too many bees.
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