Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Yarn Along

Since we haven't fully adjusted to the daylight savings time change I decided we could head to the beach this morning for donuts, hot chocolate and the sunrise.  The sunrise was at 6:29 and to us that is still kind of like 7:29.  It was worth the few minute ride to the beach to get to watch this this morning.

Okay maybe the boys were still a little sleepy.

I take that back Mr. B was sleepy, Tiny Terror never rests. Oh that kid wears me out. Can't he just take a nice picture. 

In exciting yarn news I now have 3,200 yards of beautiful 2 ply sport weight yarn from his sheared fleece from last May!!!! It is 90% Blue (alpaca) and 10% silk and oh so wonderful.

I am going to make myself a nice big shawl, a hat and fingerless gloves.
I am going to be so fancy this winter.

I've had some Shibui Cima yarn for about three years now. I didn't have enough of it to make a sweater or anything else that I was in the mood to make. So I bought more so I'd have enough to make myself a turtle neck sweater. I am loving how it is coming out. I am holding two strands together and knitting on a US 3 needle. It seems to be taking a very very very long time. I am so close to finishing the neck and then I have to do a band at the waist and it will be ready to wear! 

 I've been very busy with the alpacas lately. We've been showing, breeding, behavior testing and halter training. That has led to more time outside and not inside at my computer.... hence the lack of posts lately. It also doesn't help that my memory was full on my computer and even though I put most of my pictures on back up drives I still had such a hard time DELETING them off my computer permanently. It makes me so nervous to do that!

Today we behavior tested Spitty and Francesca. They both spit at Smoke Ring!!! In other words most likely they are pregnant and wanted nothing to do with that boy!

My parents just got some of the status back on the herd's fleeces. Francesca's (above on the left) baby from last Fall has micron of 14!!! That is just amazing. So hopefully she has another one of those babies cooking right now!

For reading I listened to The Art Of Mindful Living.  I really enjoyed it. I listen to quite a few podcasts that have recommend it. It is a quick listen and I know I'll listen to it over and over again. I enjoyed everything about this audio book. I don't know what took me so long to finally download it, but I'm glad I did.


Laurel said...

Good for you making it through an entire sweater with such tiny needles! That takes a lot of perseverance!

Debbie said...

the sweater is so pretty day, i will be ready and brave enough to make a sweater!!!!

my boys never took "normal" pictures at that age!!!

Julie Crawford said...

ooh, look at that gorgeous yarn! And so exciting that your alpacas are pregnant! 14 microns, that is super soft, how exciting.