Sunday, November 22, 2015


I am having an awesome Birthday! It is the afternoon and I am still in my pjs :) I played hooky from church and the boys cub scout service project. No raking leaves for us today. Instead I have been marathoning photography podcasts and finalizing a new shawl knitting pattern.  I have taken a few knitting brakes to take pictures around the house.

I am not the type of person to make New Years Resolutions, but I am going to make a Birthday Resolution. From today until this day next year I am going take at least one photograph, edit it and share it. If I don't take a picture each day I am going to allow myself to pull a picture from my files and edit it.  I have a lot of pictures that need some love and need to be shared.

My boys and dogs were slightly willing to help me out with my new venture. I felt bad because Rocky was posing so nice, but I couldn't get my settings right. He got bored and fell asleep during his shoot.

Rudee was bright and alert.

I had to include a picture of my new sparkly yarn. I can't wait to get this pattern finished up. This is my third time knitting it. I just noticed the color of this shawl matches Rudee's collar.

Along with my 366 picture day project (yes there are 366 days in 2016 since it is a leap year) I am putting a few more things on the plate.

I will complete the following before 11/22/16

1. Take a picture or edit one picture and share it everyday for 366 days in a row (I will share it on my Blog, Instagram, FB & Pinterest).
2. Take 6 online photography classes.
3. Attend 4 photography workshops.
4. Complete two paid photography shoots.
5. Print 35 of my photographs and display them in my house.

I think 35 is going to be a good age! I have had such a passion for photography and I want it to shine bright this year. After a year of doing it as a hobby I will see if I will take it to the next level! Get ready to see lots of pictures.


Anke said...

Happy Birthday!!

Debbie said...

happy birthday andee, you don't look a day over 21!! when you are in your bikini, you don't look a day over 18!!!!

i love a good p.j. day!!!!