Friday, September 4, 2015

Fit Along Friday

Last Saturday I did two things for the first time. I took my first Yoga class and I was on a SUP (stand up paddle board) for the first time!  It was so much fun. Thankfully my instructor was very patient with me. I don't know much of the yogi language and thankfully my instructor talked me through the moves.

From doing PIYO I know things like down dog, child's pose, warrior poses and the difference between open hips and closed hips.

The class was wonderful and I was so amazed at the poses I was able to do. I would have been excited to do them on the ground let alone a SUP. Chalene Johnson always says in her work out videos "you'll be amazed at the things you will be able to do. PIYO will make you so strong." She is so right!

All the pictures were taken by my instructor Shannon.

At the end of the lesson we were allowed to try different poses on the boards. I of course had to try some head stands and I might have fallen into the water several times. It was a beautiful day and I didn't mind the water at all!

If you want more information about the Basic Flow SUP Class you can check out The Endless SUP Company.

FITNESS TIP #3- Wait 10 minutes after you finish eating before you take another bite.
I do a good job portioning out my meals, but sometimes my plate will be empty and my stomach is telling me it wants a second portion. I look at my watch and give myself ten minutes until I take another bite. I would say 95% of the time I do feel full after ten minutes. The few times I am not I have a big glass of water. If I am still hungry I go for the second portion. 

Since it is a holiday weekend we have some plan to go out and eat so my cooking is very limited over the weekend. But one of the meals on my list is for Honey Garlic Sticky Ribs.

I am very sorry to see Summer leave. I am going to miss hanging out with my boys. As excited as I am to send them off to school I am that much unexcited about homework! School isn't fun for these kids anymore!!! So much for the days of coloring.

If you want to join me in my Fit Along here are the steps:

    I am recommending the TurboFire program for this first "Fit Along".

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Debbie said...

i pinned the rib recipe, it sounds awesome and i had no idea about removing that membrane!!!!