Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clam Bake 2015

Today was the Clam Bake! My father is a member of a hunting camp in New York State. Before my parents had alpacas we spent quite a bit of time at camp playing on ATVs, finishing, hiking and other fun camp stuff.  I am so glad they have an annual Clam Bake because it is a great excuse to drop everything and get to Camp!  Most of the members are there for the clam bake and they bring their friends and families. It is a great time!

There were heavy rains on Saturday which created some great waterfalls. I am bummed I didn't record them so you could hear them.

Five of the seven grandsons were there and loving every second of it.

They boys love catching newts, fish and tad poles.

Can you see the newt in my nephews hand below? He decided it was much faster catching them by hand and not using the nets.  He is too funny.

Chase found a toad and wasn't too happy when it peed on him.

Other than the peeing incident the toad and him were inseparable for most of the afternoon. See it in his hand in the picture below. I think my sister should check his pockets to make sure he didn't bring it home!

Camp chicken is the BEST chicken!

The weather was perfect!

Another great day up at camp. Hopefully next time we go we'll fit in some ATV rides!!!

Also a shout out to my nephew on his third birthday and Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law tomorrow.


Adirondack Traveler said...

Beautiful Andee!!!
You really captured the moment.

Debbie said...

ooooooh andee, you guys do the FUNNEST stuff. the images are the beautiful, capturing all the fun and smiles!!!

looks like a great spot in the woods and what a wonderful tradition!!!

Julie Crawford said...

oh, a clam bake, how fun does that look! And the kids looks like they really enjoyed the wildlife, too. Looks like a great day was had by everyone!

karen said...

how nice that everyone could get together be in nature and enjoy each other's company!! You all look so happy together :)