Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Fit Along

I'm so excited for all the people who have reached out to me and have shown interest in doing a Fit Along. I have decided I'll do a post each Friday that is fitness & health related. I'll share some tips and tricks I've learned along my fitness journey that might be helpful to you.


We fortunately have a several ShopRites in our area that offer the services of "ShopRite From Home" and "ShopRite From Home Delivery". If you have these services available at your local grocery store I highly recommend taking advantage of them. If you don't physically go into the store you won't be tempted by all the sugary unhealthy treats.  They will never make it into your cart and ultimately not into you!

I don't leave my eating or meals to chance. I use a planner to write down all of my meal as well as my husbands and kids meals for the week. If I know in advance what I am planning on eating for the day I don't randomly search through the cabinets and snack on unnecessary junk.

When I plan out my meal for the week I make a list of all the ingredients I'll need. The items I don't have at home I put onto my online shopping order. One of the things I really like about the online ordering is I can add an item when I remember I need it. The list stays saved so I can go back to it another day. It is also nice that they have a page where you can view previous things you have bought. I will scan this over to see if I forgot any of the essentials.

I keep a tight budget at home and I have a weekly grocery allowance worked into the budget. One of the best features of the online shopping is how much money I save! I can see what items are on sale and chose them.  I also like that I can see my total cost before I check out. There is nothing worse than checking out at the grocery store and then they tell you, "that will be $354.23." How the hell did that happen! I try to stick to a weekly budget under $150.00.  I have found it easy to do that with the online ordering.

That isn't to say I NEVER go into grocery stores. I do run in to pick up a few quick items and some fresh produce, but I like to do my bulk of the shopping online and having it delivered or picking it up.

The idea of showing up to a grocery store without a list and walking up and down the isles just doesn't work for me anymore. I also find that if my meals aren't planned out so much food gets wasted! Plan your meals and you will get your moneys worth.

I get a lot of my meal ideas from Pinterest. Oh wonderful Pinterest!!!! If you are interested in what we are eating this week here are some of the meals.

I find the best part of shopping from home is the time and money it saves me. Also when I do the pick up service I get to sit in my car and knit until they bring out my groceries and load them into my car.

I'll be back next Friday with more food ideas and tips.

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Adrienne said...

oooooh! so yummy! I can't wait to try these recipes. We just need the heat to break a bit! I've been eating paleo for 18 months, and it has made so much of a difference to me....I need to do better at planning, and was just telling my daughter last night that I'm wanting some new recipes - so perfect timing!!