Wednesday, December 3, 2014

MK's Hat~Yarn Along

I don't do much Holiday gift knitting. Instead I try to make hand knits for my friends and family on their Birthday's. This way I don't get overwhelmed so close to Christmas.  My niece's birthday is in the middle of the Summer so she had to wait a few months for her hand knit hat. I am so happy she loves it. Her mom claims she doesn't take it off :)

I used Schachenmayr Yarn "Boston Mix". I followed the pattern that came with the yarn. I can't find the name of the pattern anywhere. I had a little yarn left over and started knitting an ear warmer. I love how this yarn knits up in stockinette.  I of course ran out of yarn and I need to go back to Chelsea Yarns and buy some more so I can finish it up. 

I am still listening to "Drums of Autumn" from the Outlander series. I am still loving it!


Anke said...

Beautiful hat on a very beautiful little girl!

Debbie said...

it's a beautiful hat but that little face steals the show!!!

Andi G said...

The hat is absolutely lovely, but I fear the model is upstaging it. :)

Anonymous said...

So darling :) I am with you knitting for birthdays instead of Christmas...I've actually even fallen behind on that and am now just knitting when I find something I think they must have!! Can't wait to see your cozy earwarmer and a trip to the yarn store :) Woohoo!