Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Walk Around the Moon

Huston we have lift off!!! I just had the wiring redone in my house and my internet is lightning fast!!!! I have a feeling you will be seeing and hearing more from me now! My computer as been so sluggish, but now it has a lot of zip to it. Woo Hoo.

So I have been keeping busy with farm chores, work and the kids. I have also been squeaking in some knitting. I just finished up knitting a Walk on the Moon Shawl. I modified the pattern and knitted it in a round. I love love love love love love love how it turned out. I can wear it as an infinity scarf, poncho, wrapped this way and that. It is just so fun to wear.

I had spun all the yarn for this. I purchased all the fiber at Rhinebeck this year except for the black fiber which came from my parents alpaca Ox. He was so helpful to stand behind it and pose for the camera. Love that guy!  I'll break down the fiber by the color.

White- Polworth / Silk blend (I think I got it from Gale's Art- I have to track down the label)
Light Gray- Alpaca / Silk blend from Gale's Art
Medium Gray- Merino / Tuscan Silk blend from Gale's Art
Black- Arrow Acres Farm "Ox" 100% Huacaya Alpaca

Also I spun all the yarn on my Ashford Traditional wheel. All the yarn is two plied.
I knitted it with US 3 circular needles.

I love this pattern so much!

For reading I am listening to "Drums of Autumn" it is part of the Outlander Series. I am loving these books so much!!!

I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along


Debbie said...

It looks really big in these pictures Andee, and it's gorgeous. I really love the blues!!

Many thanks for the text today, we are sunset lookout buddies!!

harknessangels said...

Love, love, love it! Great fiber!

Jayne Marti said...

That is amazing! So beautiful - and I always love a photo with an alpaca in it!

Laura said...

Scrolling through the pictures, I was already thinking 'what a lovely shawl'. But all from your handspun? that's brilliant, and so beautiful. Wonderful!

steph said...

what a cozy hug!!! beautiful!

sylvia - artsy ants said...

That looks like a wonderful shawl to wrap in. Beautiful, well done!

Donna said...

That is so very pretty! It looks like a perfect shawl to wrap yourself in and sit by the fire with some more knitting :-)

sustainablemum said...

It's beatuiful :)

DesertSnowdrop said...

Oh my ...that is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh to wrap up in that with a cup o' tea and a book or a project...bliss! The shawl looks lovely!

karen said...

yippee for electricity and internet!! lovely shawl, just gorgeous and beautiful all in one :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Holy Moly that's awesome!!!