Friday, September 5, 2014


The boys love school!!!

Yesterday was their first day (Brady in 1st Grade & Tiny in Kindergarten) and we got off to a crazy start. New bus driver and new route meant we missed it at our stop, but caught up with it at our friends stop.  We rushed the boys crazily and confused on the bus and before we even got to take a picture they were gone! 

I was nervous to what was going to happen when they got off the bus. But the moment they saw me through the window of the bus they were waving frantically and had glowing smiles.

They got off the bus to tell me how much the loved school! This morning Tiny got his backpack on 45 minutes early he was so excited about going back.  As soon as the bus showed up this morning they were off running to it without even a wave good-bye to me. I'm sure their enthusiasm won't last long, but I'm loving every second of it for now.

I've worked from home for the past six years.  Yesterday I spent the morning with the alpacas doing farm chores. Then got home and worked... uninterrupted! It was glorious. When they got home I had all my work done and I was able to spend more time with them. I loved school too :)

Again today I spent my morning with the alpacas and came home and worked. I am loving this new arrangement :)

Now will I be able to sneak in some design work??? I am not sure. I saw a few sneak peeks of Brooklyn Tweed's new patterns that will be released in a few days. I have two alpaca fleeces I need to spin. I think they might have be knitted up into this new collection! We'll see I'll talk to Blue about it :) 


Debbie said...

They are getting so big, I am happy they like school!! It will be good for you to have some alone time to knit, I mean work ;)

karen said...

love your new rhythm and that you are happy! I loved when mine were in school and I was as busy as ever!!