Monday, August 18, 2014

Moose Hillock Part I

I have been trying to settle back in to the swing of things since our past camping trip. I came home to a computer that couldn't find it's hard drive and my unwillingness to sit in-front of it to fix it. But I am happy to report I am up and running again.  Now we are getting things ready for Tiny. He is having his tonsils out in a few days and we are planning on spending the next few painful weeks cuddled on the couch.   Plus we are making him his own room! The boys have preferred to be in the same bed, but since he will need to rest and take it easy I know it will be better that they aren't jumping around like monkeys at bed time. At least for two weeks.

I have wanted to share pictures from our wonderful camping trip to Moose Hillock in Fort Ann, New York.  I finally decided to pick two days worth of pictures and share them now! I'll be back to share more of the campground and our adventure when I find the time.

Our campsite was beautiful! It was huge, private, full of birds, flowers and plants. The ground is covered in rocks and Tiny spend a lot of his time searching though the stones to find Dinosaur teeth (aka all the pointy rocks).

This is a view looking out past our site from the back. I was standing on a three foot hill to take this picture. Look how far the other campers are from us! Can you see them?  The campground is built on a mountain so the sites are on all different levels which helps with the privacy. I loved it!

We brought our American flag, steer head with lasso and solar lights. We knew the site would be large and we were glad to have the extra light. 

Pictures can't show how nice our site was.

Stepping back out onto the road from our site this was the view to our right. 

Look really far away there is a car. I swear we weren't the only ones there! There are probably eight or ten sites all hidden in those woods.

Off to the pavilion for some candy bar bingo and costume contest.

Despite his look in this picture Brady had a blast!

The pool will get it's own well deserved post. It was AMAZING!

While we were there it was a Western Theme. Tiny picked out his boots online and we ordered them before the trip. We went shopping and he pick out a shirt. He had his gun and hat from our last camping trip.

We were so close to winning the Candy Bar Bingo grand prize of 48 candy bars! I wish I had Tiny on video he was so excited each time they called a number.

How stinkin cute is Tiny up there. He had to have red short because red is his favorite color. He was so proud to stand up there. Brady wanted nothing to do with the costume contest.

Does anything beat kids being kids! I love seeing so many kids having so much fun.

He didn't win, but I got him a candy bar anyway :)

Night time at the campground is amazing. The huge trees, moon, stars and oh the pool was soooo cool.  We would start our campfire then head to the pool for some night swimming. The whole pool would be glowing. We would take tons of trips down the slide then back to our site to warm up by the fire.

Camping at it's finest!!!

I still have a lot more to share, but at least I shared a taste of it!

For more information about the campground you can check it out here

I'll write up a whole review after I share all my pictures. But I can say now that we loved it and I'd love to go back again.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Wow! That place looks awesome!!!

steph said...

my daugher and her family love the camping life.....although haven't been in a while-----that long baseball travel season gets in the way of a whole lot of things!!!! i'll have to share some of these photos....they have never found a place quite this nice! nothing like a camping trip to bring a family closer.

Debbie said...

oh andee, it looks wonderful!!

we were away also and i took way too many pictures!!

i'm glad you guys had so much fun!!!!