Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stay Here and Play

"Hey lady don't go home and work. Stay here and play with me!"
Meet the newest guy! Smoke Ring's first cria was born today. His mom Wdamo is being a great mom. He was born this morning. It is cold and raining, but he doesn't seem to care. Within 2 hours he was running all over the fields meeting all the ladies. He doesn't have a name yet but I've saved my files of him under the name TBT for Throw Back Thursday, which has led me to calling him Tibby. It makes no sense, but neither to I most of the time. Once they decided on an official name I'll let you know. In the mean time I have to work. Blah! I wish I could hang out at the farm all day today!!!


Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

he is so awesome, Andee ~ I love the video! mama is so protective and he's so curious and cute and wobblylegged ~ the whole thing made me giggle (thank you)

Brian King said...

What a cute little guy!

Debbie said...

ooohhhh I couldn't leave!!