Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mother's Day Adventure

I learned quite a few years ago that "Mother's Day" does not mean a day off. After learning that lesson the hard way I decided that on "Mother's Day" I got to enjoy an hour to myself. That was wonderful. But now as the boys are getting older they are more eager to please and understand that it is a special day.  I requested that I got to go take lots of pictures and didn't have to cook or clean anything. The day was a success. We had the most beautiful weather today! I spent the morning laying out on our deck sun bathing, knitting and listening to my audiobook "Outlander".  I had two cups of coffee from my Jenny the Potter Mug before the kids woke up. Does it get any better than that??? I don't think so!!!
After a long day of relaxing and NOT WORKING. Yes I took off work today! Well I worked extra on Saturday, but for the record I had Sunday off! We headed up to Sandy Hook to explore. It was the first time my husband and kids have been there. I have been there on many field trips as a kid.  I always enjoyed going there for the history and the nature. My boys loved it!  It is like a never ending exploration.  We live so close to New York City, but I never have a desire to go there. However, I am always in awe of the skyline of NYC.  I am so glad we had so much fun there and I think maybe we might need to plan a camping trip there.
For my mom, Happy Mothers Day!!!
For my mother-in-law, Happy Mothers Day!!!
I love you so much!


karen said...

happy mother's day, I can't decide if the hands of sand photo or the hawk flying photo is my favorite both are gorgeous!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Wow. What an awesome day. Happy Mother's Day! Every day!!!

Lori ann said...

oh look at you knitting on the beach and you and your babies and your it all. happy mothers day beautiful mama.

Debbie said...

i love this place, you captured it beautifully!!!