Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shearing Day 2014

Joel Mariacher and his shearing team showed up at the farm last night to turn the big fluffy alpacas into funny skinning looking creatures. We started shearing last night and finished up today.

Didn't I tell you it is so hard not to laugh at them!

Little baby Sapele was as good as gold getting his hair cut.

Remember this guy? We kept insisting he was gray.

People didn't believe us.....but

Look at him now!!!!

That is a gray alpaca if I've ever seen one!

CCNF Smoke Ring got extra treatment for his hair cut since he is and needs to look like the macho herdsire that he is.

Of course Blue was very well behaved for his hair cut too.
Look at all that gray fleece!!!!

Although I didn't think I worked too hard this year. Apparently I did because I fell asleep at the bus stop waiting for Brady! As soon as I stopped moving I crashed!  Now it is time to get all those fleeces ready to be spun into yarn!



Leanne Coppola said...

I just slept for a hour on the couch. I didn't do the physical stuff with animals but the little boys wore me out!!!!!!

Brian King said...

LOL! They look hilarious after the shearing!

Ian H said...

Whoa, wait a minute, I thought you got shearers in so that you didn't have to work hard and get tired out?

Olwyn Morinski said...

Too too funny! Thank you for the darling photos and the good laugh. LOVED seeing the before and afters.

karen said...

they are so skinny!!! I bet they feel light and free and happy now!

Debbie said...

heheh....they do look so funny in their birthday/bathing suits. But will be much more comfortable this summer!!

The first two comparison shots are awesome!!