Sunday, April 20, 2014

Warmer Days

We decided to spend the kids Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We packed up our camper and headed south for warmer weather!

After the what feels like never ending Winter we were very happy to be greeted by warm sunny beaches and heated outdoor pools. Ahhhhhh so nice.


Some knights from Medieval Times popped by the campground to put on a show.  Such fun. We were cheering for the blue knight and he won :)

We went down to Myrtle Beach following friends of ours. When we got to the campground we met friends of our friends. Then our friend brought out a tug of war rope and within minutes we had even more friends :)

Tiny was running along the beach at low tide and hopping in little puddles.  He was in all his glory and he asked me, "Mommy do you wish you were a kid and could jump in puddles all day?" I told him if I didn't have my camera on me at that moment I would have joined him. 

It was Rudee's first camping trip and she turned out to be a camping pro. She was a very good girl the whole trip.  For a 9 month old puppy she gets an A++.

I think we could spend all day looking for shark teeth. It is too relaxing. Ahhhh warm weather.

More puddle jumping.

Not a bad view from our campsite!

I was so impressed how Rudee would just lay back and watch dog after dog and bike after bike go by and she just chilled out as cool as a cucumber.  Such a good girl. Of course when we were out and about she got to play with lots and lots of dogs. I think she thought this was her vacation.

Our family really loves camping. This was our first trip with our camper and we were making plans the whole way home for our next trip. It took us 20 hours to get to the campground and it took us 15 hours to get back home. So we had time to think of a lot of plans :)  I can't express enough how much fun we had and how much I enjoyed spending so much time with my family.

Tiny listening to all of his daddy's batting tips.

I can't wait to go away again!!!


Lori ann said...

that is so awesome andee! so glad you had a great time. rudee is a natural camper, what a good dog!

Deanna said...

Oh fun...glad you are taking full advantage of that new investment.

Debbie said...

looks like soooo much fun andee!!

did you find any sea glass??

thecrazysheeplady said...

What an AWESOME trip!!! Rudee is amazing and so pretty :-).